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Looking at veteran free agencyI plan to spend much of the next 6 weeks taking a look at veteran free agents for 2019 with help from the Top-50 list from NFL Trade Rumors; the plan is to review positions of need on the Redskins roster Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , one position per article, over the course of this week and next, and then to revisit the position lists as we get closer to the start of the new league year.Veteran free agent lists will be highly fluid once the Super Bowl has finished, and teams start to talk to their own players. Many of the top free agents will be re-signed by their teams during, or in the week following, the Scouting Combine, which will be held from 26 February to 4 March.I plan to revisit lists of key available free agents again ahead of the beginning of free agency when it becomes clearer which players have decided to stay with their current teams, and which ones seem committed to testing their value in the open marketplace. Consider this a ‘warm up’ as we look at the very top tier - a selection of positions from a top-50 list. This is just the opening act.Free Agent Frenzy starts 13 MarchThe league year ends at 4:00 p.m. ET, on 13 March, which is when teams are free to sign veteran free agents to new contracts. There is a two-day ‘legal tampering period’ prior to the end of the league year when players’ agents are allowed to talk to any team in the league to arrange contracts on behalf of their clients.Cap SpaceAccording to OverTheCap, the Redskins are projected to have $21.56m in cap space available this off-season. Using some ‘rule-of-thumb’ numbers, the team probably needs to allow about $2.6m for draft picks, and keep another $5m or so available to sign players as injuries occur during the season.That would leave around $14m in available 2019 cap space to spend on veteran free agents in the upcoming off-season.Remember that the first year of most NFL contracts typically has the lowest cap hit, so the Redskins would be able to sign one or more players with a cumulative APY that is greater than the available 2019 cap space due to the accrual accounting methods used in accounting for the salary cap.To put a fine point on that, because the APY numbers are average numbers for the life of the contract, while the 2019 cap hits generally represent the lowest year of those contracts, it might be possible for the Redskins to, say, sign four veteran free agents whose APYs are $7m, 5m, $4.5m and $4m (a total of $20.5m) even though they have only around $14m available for 2019.Of course, the team can clear space by cutting or trading players or ‘create’ space by re-structuring contracts in an effort to have more money available for free agency in 2019 and beyond.Potential cap casualtiesHere are the top-ten Redskins players who would have a significant effect on salary cap:Alex Smith - Restructure of contract could reduce 2019 cap hit by an estimated $9m by shifting cap dollars to the remaining 3 years of the contract. This is not a cap savings, but a mere deferral to allow more flexibility in roster construction in the short term. This idea was discussed in some detail in an article published in early December.Trent Williams - Trading Williams could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $9.34m, with and additional $12.75m reduction in 2020.Josh Norman - Trading Norman could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $8.5m, with an additional $12.5m reduction in 2020.Ryan Kerrigan - Trading Kerrigan could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $10.75m, with an additional $11.75m reduction in 2020.Jordan Reed - Cutting or Trading Jordan Reed could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $6.07m, with an additional $17.5m reduction in the remaining years of his contract (‘20 & ‘21). Alternatively, renegotiating Reed’s contract could probably create an estimated savings of $2m to $3m per season, while keeping Reed on the roster.Zach Brown - Cutting or Trading Zach Brown could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $5.75m, with an additional $8m reduction in 2020.Vernon Davis - Cutting Vernon Davis would save reduce the 2019 cap hit by $5m.Stacy McGee - Cutting or Trading Stacy McGee would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $2.275m, with an additional $10.5m reduction in the remaining years of his contract (‘20 & ‘21). With a 2019 salary & roster bonus of just $4m, 3 years remaining and no guaranteed money, it’s not crazy to think that the Redskins might be able to trade McGee for a 6th or 7th round draft pick, or swapping picks to move higher in the draft order.Chris Thompson - Cutting or Trading Chris Thompson would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $3m.Mason Foster - Cutting Mason Foster would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $2m.As you can see, the Redskins have a wide range of options available for attacking the salary cap and roster.They could simply stand pat on the existing roster and focus the draft and limited free agency;they could make selected salary cap moves, giving them sufficient room to make one or two key signings, orthey could really clear out the roster, load up on draft capital and perform a complete roster teardown & re-build over the next two off-seasons.Roster needsThe Redskins have a very large number of players under contract currently Dwayne Haskins Jersey , as they ended the year with 24 players on IR, one player on Reserve/NFI, and one on the Commissioner’s exempt list in addition to the regular roster, practice squad players and futures contracts.Still, the team will have holes in the roster, partly due to injury, partly due to expiring contracts, and partly due to the need to upgrade positions.The front office expects to have 8 draft picks April in addition to the cap space available to sign veteran free agents starting 13 March.Upcoming Redskins veteran free agentsHere is the list of 2019 Redskins veteran free agents, according to OverTheCapThe team can bolster the roster in a number of ways:Re-signing its own free agentstrading for veteran playersDrafting player in Nashville from 25-27 April (The Redskins will probably have 8 draft picks, the first being 15th overall)Signing veteran free agents, starting from 13 MarchSigning undrafted college free agents, starting the moment the draft ends on 27 AprilToday’s article will focus solely on veteran safeties, and today I plan to only look at the top-ranked 3safeties that appear on the Top-50 veteran free agents list published this week by NFL Trade Rumors.Click here to read the full Top-50 list from NFL Trade RumorsI’ve scanned the fifty names and found three 3-4 OLBs on the NFLTR list#3 Dee Ford, Kansas City, 28 years oldPhoto by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesFrankly, I’d be shocked if the Chiefs let Ford get away, and the Redskins probably can’t afford to pay him.Still, Ford would be an upgrade at OLB, and, playing for the top-seeded AFC playoff team, there’s a fair chance that he’ll be sporting a shiny new Super Bowl ring by the time the ‘19 season kicks off.With 13 sacks this season, and 28 sacks in his last 37 games, Ford is a rising talent at 3-4 OLB, and one of the strengths of an inconsistent Kansas City defense.Probably his biggest downside is his age; he is a 28-year old free agent, just completing his 5th season, after being drafted 23rd overall in 2014.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $16.3m per year.#4 Jadeveon Clowney, Houston, 26 years oldPhoto by Mitchell Leff/Getty ImagesWith Clowney coming off of his 5th year option, one would expect the Texans, who drafted Clowney 1st overall in 2014, to retain him on the roster. I like Dee Ford better, but Clowney has been, outside of his rookie season, pretty healthy, and has produced fairly consistently, if not necessarily at the premier level expected of a player with his draft status.Like Ford, Clowney would be an expensive addition for the Redskins, but I’m not sure how much of a true upgrade he would offer for the investment.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $16.6m per year#17 Preston Smith Wes Martin Jersey , Washington Redskins, 26 years oldPhoto by Richard Rodriguez/Getty ImagesSmith, of course, is one of our own, drafted in the second round of the 2015 draft.He’s been a good, if often inconsistent, player for the Redskins.There were reports of him being ‘lazy’ and not acting like a pro in his rookie season, and fans often complain of him disappearing for a half or a full game.He has stayed healthy, but averages only around 6 sacks per season.Still, he and Ryan Kerrigan have made a good pair of OLBs for the Redskins, though the two of them will not dazzle anyone with speed.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $11.1m, which is probably just about the maximum most Redskins fans would want to see the team go to.It may be better to let Smith walk and draft a new, hopefully more consistently explosive replacement in April, though with the number of team needs, it is tempting to want to retain a player like Smith rather than using draft resources to replace him. Who, on the roster, is most critical to the team’s success this year and next?" />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHogs Haven homepageHorizontal - WhiteHogs Havena Washington Redskins communityFollow Hogs Haven online:Follow Hogs Haven on TwitterFollow Hogs Haven on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchHogs Haven main menuFanpostsFanshotsSectionsRedskinsMastheadOddsShopCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsEDTThe reason that I point to Dunbar instead of Josh Norman here is that I fully expect JoNo to be a salary cap casualty in 2020, pushing Dunbar up into the leadership of the CB group.The Redskins have been drafting CBs consistently, one or two per year, since 2016.That should pay off next year when the team can say goodbye to the big cap hit of former free agent Norman and rely on a home-grown group led by the former undrafted free agent wide receiver-turned-cornerback, Quinton Dunbar.Dunbar’s health and success will be a key to the Redskins’ ability to win games in the coming two seasons.#6 Ryan KerriganLeadership and production have marked Kerrigan’s career.This season, 2019, is likely to be a key transition year for the roster as the wide receiver group takes shape and the quarterback position is stabilized.A very young team (with a few notable exceptions like Adrian Peterson and Donald Penn) needs the kind of guidance that Kerrigan can offer, and the roster will likely be at its peak in 2020, with a number of long-term roster stalwarts likely reaching the end of their Redskins careers as the young players that the front office has done such a good job drafting since 2017 come into their own.Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY SportsKerrigan is the iron man of the defense, having never missed a game in his career.He is the model of consistency, averaging 10.5 sacks per year with at least 8.5 sacks per season every season since 2012.Kerrigan is 30 years old, but pass rushers tend to do well at this age.He seems likely to continue his on-field productivity in ‘19 and ‘20, and will hopefully finish his outstanding career as a Redskin. #5 Derrius GuiceThe 2nd round draft pick used to select Derrius Guice in 2018 was expected to pay handsome dividends a year ago, but when the running back was injured in the first preseason game and lost for the season, things went on hold.Guice will have plenty of help in the backfield in 2019 in the form of Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson, and potentially a fourth running back.Mason Foster then the Redskins should want him back in 2020, meaning that he will be integral to the team’s success for two seasons.If they don’t want him back, it will be because of his failure to launch in 2019, which will likely signal a failure in the defensive strategy.Bostic has the reputation of being a solid but unspectacular player, but the Redskins have pushed all their chips to the middle of the table with him and are looking for him to come up with a career year.If he can do it, the payoff for Bostic Womens Bryce Love Jersey , and for the franchise, should be significant.#3 Jordan ReedI get that a lot of Redskins fans have already given up on Jordan Reed.He’s injury prone.He’s a waste of salary cap space.He’s a black hole on the roster due to the number of games lost every season.But, when I evaluate Jordan Reed’s importance to the Redskins, I ask: What if he’s healthy for 16 games?What would that mean for the team?Jordan Reed is a mismatch for pretty much every defense in the NFL.He has reliable hands and gets YAC.His presence on the field creates opportunities for the rest of the offense, and he has proven himself reliable when it counts the most — on third down, when the team needs to keep a drive alive.Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesIf Jordan Reed is healthy and productive in ‘19 and ‘20, you can probably add 3 or 4 games to the win total.If he is not healthy, then the offense is likely not to reach its potential.Jay Gruden knows how to use Reed and loves to design offensive schemes around his abilities.He is, in my opinion, the single most important on-field difference maker for the Redskins when it comes to sustaining drives, scoring points and winning football games.#2 Dwayne HaskinsHaskins is the future of the Redskins.If he isn’t, then something is horribly wrong.He should, under any scenario imaginable, be the starting quarterback on opening day of the 2020 season.experience and enhance his development.If Dwayne Haskins turns out to be what everyone hopes, then he will be the key to success, not just in 2020, but for a decade or more beyond that.Make no mistake, the Redskins sorely need a ‘win’ on a drafted quarterback.The fact that his rookie salary will help see the team past the difficult salary cap bind that resulted from the Alex Smith injury is merely icing on the cake.Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsThis is a franchise that has a history of mediocrity at the QB position, and a history of misses in drafting quarterbacks that dates back far beyond the beginning of Dan Snyder’s tenure.The last big swing & miss (probably the biggest in franchise history) was Robert Griffin in 2012, and the organization and its fan base are still scarred by that debacle.If Dwayne Haskins can succeed in becoming the franchise quarterback that the Redskins have been searching for, the bad memories can be eased and the bad taste in our collective mouths can be cleansed.If not, though, Haskins will just be another name on a long list of disappointing results.#1 Trent WilliamsThere is no bigger issue for the franchise than the eventual outcome of Trent Williams’ holdout.With Trent on the team, the opportunities to win are greatly enhanced.He is probably the most athletic lineman in the league, and among the elite at his position.If he is not on the roster this year or next, the team loses talent and leadership.The salary cap implications, of course, are huge, as Trent’s cap hit over two years is the third-highest on the roster.Jake Roth-USA TODAY SportsEven so, what really makes Trent Williams the most important Redskin right now goes beyond his on-field performance.Trent is the latest litmus test for the maturation of the franchise.The Washington Redskins have developed a reputation for coming up small in every challenging situation.If the TW holdout ends in tears with an ugly separation and public smear campaign similar to what what we saw with Scot McCloughan, or just a general breakdown of communication and trust like we saw with Kirk Cousins, then it will be one more black mark in the ledger for Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen.heal the rift with their star tackle, bring him back into the fold and see him to the end of his career (or at least his current contract) playing in burgundy and gold, then it would go a long way towards establishing badly-needed credibility both internally and externally.A “fail” with Trent Williams will be another lightning strike against a deeply wounded franchise, while finding a path to restoring the relationship would give a sense of progress at an organizational level and reason to hope.
However, if the orga ...
Keep tabs on who the Steelers have met with at each stage of the offseason leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft."The Pittsburgh Steelers James Conner Jersey White , along with almost every other NFL team, are preparing for the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, and all are doing their diligence interviewing prospects. There are several stages where teams interview prospects, and it can actually start at All-Star games. Teams will take a look at prospects at the Senior Bowl and the Shriner game, but the biggest event is the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.With All-Star games underway, and the Scouting Combine just around the corner, reports of teams meeting with prospects are raging. We here at BTSC will keep you updated with the prospects who have met with Pittsburgh at every step along the way. The Combine, Pro Days and of course the ever-important Official Pre-Draft Visits.Check out the latest list below:Updated 4/17East/West Shrine GameKendall Blanton, TE, MissouriJustin Hollins, LB, OregonOlisaemeka Udoh, OL, Elon UniversityB.J. Blunt, LB, McNeese StateSenior Bowl GameFoster Moreau, TE, LSUIsaiah Buggs, DT/NT Womens Jerome Bettis Jersey , AlabamaJohn Cominsky, DE, University of CharlestonAmani Oruwariye, CB, Penn StateNFL Scouting CombineJustice Hill, RB, Oklahoma StateAlec Ingold, FB, WisconsinDK Metcalf, WR, Ole MissA.J. Brown, WR, Ole MissN’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona StateRiley Ridley, WR, GeorgiaDeebo Samuel, WR, South CarolinaMarquise Brown Jerome Bettis Jersey , WR, OklahomaDevin White, ILB, LSU Mack Wilson, ILB, AlabamaFlorida, DE, Jachai PoliteWashington, CB, Byron MurphyLSU, CB, Greedy WilliamsFlorida, CB, Chauncey Gardner-JohnsonWashington, CB, Taylor RappTemple, CB, Rock Ya-SinMichigan, LB James Conner Jersey , Chase WinovichPro DaysSteelers scouts on-hand at Ohio State Pro DayScouts present at Notre Dame Pro DayGeorgia Pro Day brings in Steelers ScoutsSteelers brass in attendance at WVU Pro DayMike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert at LSU Pro DayKevin Colbert at Alabama Pro DaySteelers reps at Temple Pro DayOfficial Pre-Draft Visit RumorsSteelers to hose UMass WR Andy IsabellaNotre Dame WR Miles Boykin set to visit PittsburghKentucky DB Mike Edwards rumored to visit Steelers pre-draftMaryland S Darnell Savage reportedly coming to Pittsburgh for pre-draft visistSteelers planning on bringing in Texas DE Charles OmenihuSteelers meet with Washington safety Taylor Rapp at Pro DayOfficial Pre-Draft VisitsDay 1Penn State RB, Miles Sanders*Alabama RB, Damien HarrisNotre Dame TE, Alize MackUMass WR, Andy IsabellaOregon WR, Dillon MitchellDay 2WVU LB, David Long *Notre Dame WR, Miles BoykinMiami RB, Travis HomerFlorida RB, Jordan ScarlettOhio State RB, Mike WeberDay 3Oregon S, Ugo AmadiOklahoma State LB, Jordan BrailfordWashington LB, Ben Burr-KirvenMaryland S, Darnell SavageDay 4WVU S, Dravon Askew Henry*Central Michigan CB, Sean BuntingArkon LB, Ulysees GilbertTexas LB, Gary JohnsonDay 5Michigan State CB , Justin LayneTemple CB, Rock Ya-SinDay 6Georgia CB, Deandre BakerTCU OLB, Ben BanoguWashington CB, Byron MurphyDay 7LSU TE, Foster MoreauTexas DE, Charles OmenihuDay 8LSU G, Garrett BrumfieldSan Jose St. TE, Josh OliverDay 9 Florida Atlantic RB, Kerrith Whyte Jr.Day 10Toledo WR/KR, Diontae JohnsonDay 11Maryland RB, Ty JohnsonMurray State LB, Quincy WilliamsDay 12Valdosta State DB, Stephen DenmarkDay 13Wisconsin EDGE, Andrew Van Ginkel*= Local visit, doesn’t count against team’s overall visit count.Pre-Draft Visits, By PositionRB — 7WR — 4TE — 3LB — 6S — 3CB — 6OLB — 2DE — 1OLine — 1Total: 33 (0 remaining with 3 local visits not counting) The Steelers head coach touched on a number of subjects when he spoke to the media on Monday, discussing the notable departures and additions this offseason."Following on the heels of Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert on Sunday, it was the turn of Mike Tomlin to talk with the media at the owners meeting on Monday Womens Terrell Edmunds Jersey , discussing a wide range of topics ranging from notable player departures to recent free agent additions. But while the Steelers head coach appeared reluctant to talk too negatively about names like Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, he was far from encouraging when the subject turned to Artie Burns. As per Teresa Varley of, when asked if it was a little disappointing that the young cornerback seems to perform well in practice but struggles during a game, Tomlin left no doubt that that he was unhappy with the level of production he was getting from Burns on game day. And if Burns is to get another opportunity to prove his worth in the NFL with Pittsburgh, it appears that he might need to be more concerned about keeping his roster spot right now, rather than worrying about who will be the starter opposite Joe Haden in 2019. Rather than be drawn into the ongoing saga about Ben Roethlisberger and his leadership abilities, Tomlin put the onus on everyone to improve this season, including himself.And although the Steelers coach would not go into the details surrounding the breakdown in the relationship with Brown, he did reiterate a point he has made in the past when discussing team personnel - a desire for players who want to be in Pittsburgh.about his hopes for JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Washington in 2019, as well as the team’s plans for the vacant spot at right tackle. A job that will seemingly go to the winner of an open battle between Matt Feiler, Chukwuma Okorafor and Jerald Hawkins, judging from his remarks. A transcript of his interview can be found here, with some additional remarks about the changes to the coaching staff and the recent free agent signings broadcast in a sit down interview with Missi Matthews that can be viewed here.
Tomlin would go on t ...
Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock told disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown it's time to decide whether he's "all in or all out" about playing this season after losing a fight with the NFL and NFLPA over his helmet.Mayock issued a statement to reporters that the Raiders released in a video on Twitter expressing his frustration that Brown didn't participate in practice Sunday despite being healed from the frost-bitten feet that have sidelined him for most of training camp."You all know that A.B. is not here today. So here's the bottom line. He's upset about the helmet issue. We have supported that. We appreciate that ," Mayock said. "But at this point, we've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief. So from our perspective, it's time for him to be all in or all out. So we're hoping he's back soon. We've got 89 guys busting their tails. We are really excited about where this franchise is going and we hope A.B. is going to be a big part of it starting Week 1 against Denver. End of story. No questions."Brown has been upset that the NFL and NFLPA won't allow him to use the same Schutt Air Advantage that he has used throughout his career. Brown filed a grievance over the issue that he lost on Aug. 12 and then set out to find a newer version of the helmet that was less than 10 years old to get approved.Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said last week after Brown returned to the Raiders training camp facility that they had found several helmets and were waiting formal approval. Brown took part in pregame warmups before an exhibition game in Arizona on Thursday night and took part in a walkthrough on Saturday, prompting coach Jon Gruden to express confidence that he would soon be able to practice.The helmet was sent to the independent Biokinetics Inc. lab in Ottawa for testing with results shared with biomechanical engineers from both the league and union, a person familiar with the testing said on condition of anonymity because the results weren't released. The person said the helmet was no different than the 2010 version that had previously been rejected and both the league and union determined it wasn't safe enough to be used.Pro Football Talk first reported the failed test after the Raiders walkthrough on Saturday, prompting a profane response from Brown on Twitter. He then didn't take part in practice Sunday, leading to Mayock's forceful statement.Brown had 686 catches and 9,145 yards receiving the past six seasons in Pittsburgh, the best marks ever for a receiver in a six-year span. But he still wore out his welcome with the Steelers after leaving the team before a crucial Week 17 game last season and was able to be acquired by Oakland in March for the small price of third- and fifth-round draft picks.But the drama that surrounded Brown in Pittsburgh didn't stop upon his arrival with the Raiders even though he was given a hefty raise with a three-year contract worth $50.125 million.Brown injured his feet while getting cryotherapy treatment in France, forcing him to start training camp on the non-football injury list. Brown was activated on July 28 and participated in parts of two practices before leaving the team to get treatment on his feet and deal with the grievance with the NFL.Brown returned to the Raiders on Aug. 13 but still hasn't participated in a full practice all of training camp.The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment sets performance and test standards for equipment. Brown's Schutt Air Advantage helmet is no longer allowed because the NFL follows the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) rule that helmets 10 years or older cannot be recertified.Schutt discontinued making the helmet three years ago because current technology had moved past it, according to the company.Brown was one of 32 players using helmets last season that are now banned by the league and players' association. Those players Derek Carr Jersey White , including Tom Brady, were able to use the helmets last season under a grace period but were required to make the change in 2019. PRO FOOTBALLALAMEDA, Calif. (AP)The Oakland Raiders released pass rusher Aldon Smith after his latest run-in with the law.The Raiders retained Smith’s contractual rights even as he spent the past two seasons on the NFL’s suspended list. But the team decided finally to cut ties one day after San Francisco police said authorities were searching for Smith in connection with a domestic violence allegation.San Francisco police said an arrest warrant has been obtained for Smith stemming from allegations that Smith assaulted a woman on Saturday night. Smith left before police arrived to respond to the 911 call and authorities are working with Smith’s attorney to arrange a time for him to surrender.Smith is facing misdemeanor charges of willful infliction of corporal injury, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism, according to Sgt. Michael Andraychak.COLLEGE BASKETBALLNEW YORK (AP) – Veteran play-by-play announcer Verne Lundquist will not be calling NCAA Tournament basketball games this year.CBS and Turner Sports announced the commentator teams Monday for the men’s basketball tournament, which starts next week. Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Grant Hill will continue to announce the Final Four and championship game. Those games, along with the tournament selection show on Sunday, will be televised on TBS.Lundquist, 77, has been calling tournament games for CBS since 1998. He stopped calling the Southeastern Conference football game of the week on CBS after the 2016 season, but still did the NCAA Tournament and Masters golf in 2017.CBS spokeswoman Jennifer Sabatelle said Lundquist had back surgery last fall and decided to step away from doing this year’s tournament.BOXINGLOS ANGELES (AP) – Middleweight boxer Canelo Alvarez has tested positive for a banned drug Womens Bo Jackson Jersey , and his promoters blame contaminated meat.A voluntary test showed Alvarez had traces of clenbuterol. A statement from Golden Boy Promotions said the amount was consistent with meat contamination that has impacted athletes in Mexico and China.Daniel Eichner, director of the World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited laboratory that conducted the test, wrote: ”These values are all within the range of what is expected from meat contamination.”Alvarez is scheduled for a rematch with middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin on May 5 in Las Vegas, a highly anticipated fight after their draw last year.BASEBALLJUPITER, Fla. (AP) – Shortstop Paul DeJong and the St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a $26 million, six-year contract, a deal that includes team options for 2024 and 2025.The 24-year-old made his major league debut last May 28 and hit .285 with a team-high 25 homers and 65 RBIs in 108 games. He was selected by St. Louis from Illinois St. in the fourth round of the 2015 amateur draft.DeJong is 3 for 14 with a double and two RBIs in spring training this year.His deal covers up to four years of arbitration eligibility and one-to-three years of free agent eligibility.SOCCERLONDON (AP) – The head of the English Football Association has apologized for ”any offense” caused after equating the Star of religious and political symbols that should be prohibited in the game.FA CEO Martin Glenn said those symbols are ”the things we don’t want” being displayed by teams. Britain’s Jewish Leadership Council called Glenn’s comments ”offensive and inappropriate.”Glenn says he will speak to the JLC and soccer anti-discrimination group Kick It Out to apologize.In a statement, Glenn says ”I would like to apologize for any offense caused by the examples I gave when referring to political and religious symbols in football, specifically in reference to the Star of David, which is a hugely important symbol to Jewish people all over the world.”
David with the swast ...
How does the staff at Silver & Black Pride view the selection of Josh Jacobs at 24 overall?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁昍aiders Draft 20192019 NFL Draft: Immediate reactions Antonio Brown Raiders Jersey , grades to Raiders selection of Josh Jacobs New,46commentsHow does the staff at Silver & Black Pride view the selection of Josh Jacobs at 24 overall? PDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft: Immediate reactions, grades to Raiders selection of Josh Jacobs Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY SportsAfter selecting Clemson DE Clelin Ferrell with the fourth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Silver & Black drafted Tyler GreenJosh Jacobs was the consensus top running back in the 2019 NFL Draft, and he fills a need with the retirement of Marshawn Lynch. Jacobs is a three-down back that can run between the tackles, catch out of the backfield, and block effectively. With just 251 carries in three seasons, he has low tread on his tires. He was Daniel Jeremiah’s 8th overall player in the draft, and the Silver & Black were able to pick him at 24 overall. That being said, the Raiders may have been better off selecting a more premium position such as receiver or cornerback.Grade: B+BD WilliamsA modern day running back who not only contributes in the run game but as a downfield receiver in the passing game. He has an inspirational story and clearly runs like he is taking anger out on his opponents.Plenty left in the tank after being a part of a committee backfield at Alabama, he enters the league with relatively fresh legs compared to other rookie RBs. It’s high time the Raiders selected an all-around back early in the draft. The analytics community will tell you running backs don’t matter but with an extra round 1 pick to spare, the Raiders made a solid call here.Grade: B+Thomas WheatonJosh Jacobs has long been considered the best running back in this class and has been a mock draft selection for the Raiders for the last two months. The upside is there for Jacobs, but using a first round pick on a running back never really provides the value that other positions could. However, Jacob’s versatility is very exciting for the Raiders. He can pound the rock and catch out of the backfield, and is an immediate upgrade over the nonexistent running backs on the roster. Also, he has quite a bit of tread on his tires still as he wasn’t overused at Alabama. Reach? Who cares Womens Antonio Brown Jersey , Raiders got a starting running back for the foreseeable future.Grade: A-Levi DamienNot a fan of this pick. This is too high to get a running back in this draft. I also have never really been crazy about Josh Jacobs as a must first round pick player. Yeah, I know others had him very highly rated. I’m saying I don’t. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I was more impressed by some other backs in this class and thought it was unnecessary to go after any of them with pick 24. Grade: CMarcus KrauseJosh Jacobs is one of the players that has been most often suggested as a Raiders selection with one of their late first round picks. That is because the Raiders had a need for another big running back with Marshawn Lynch retiring, and Chris Warren III being an unknown quantity coming off of an injury. Jacobs is a powerful runner with great hands out of the backfield, and he also can be used as a returner as well. At 5’10, 220lbs he is a shockingly versatile running back despite his size, he has great character with an amazing back story, and he is widely considered the top running back in the draft. B+ Reggie McKenzie is out and Mike Mayock is in as G.M. of the Raiders, and the scouts have been expecting major changes — even before today’s strange story that the Raiders have sent their scouts home because they don’t know who they can trust not to leak sensitive information.Michael Gehlken of the reports that the Raiders’ scouts have anticipated for months that a shakeup in the scouting department will happen after the draft. Head coach Jon Gruden is running the show, and he wants his own people handling scouting, not McKenzie’s people. By the time the Raiders hired Mayock, the college football season was already over and it wouldn’t have made sense to fire all the scouts who had spent all season watching games, but now that those scouts have done their work and there’s nothing left to scout, they’re out.Gruden and Mayock will bring in their own staff of personnel people who will help shape the franchise in Las Vegas. The scouts who have been doing that work are getting an early exit from Oakland.
That’s not a big sur ...
The Panthers were eager to add former Broncos center Matt Paradis Womens Joe Flacco Jersey , for their one foray into outside free agency.But his old team didn’t sound interested in investing him at all.Via, Broncos executive John Elway said he had “big concerns” about his former center’s medical report.Paradis suffered a broken fibula in early November, and he said when he met with Panthers reporters last week that he expected to be cleared by June. The Broncos replaced him in the lineup with former fifth-round pick Connor McGovern.“Connor is our center right now,” Elway said. “I think that obviously we didn’t want to lose Matt, but we had real concerns about the ankle. That is why that didn’t work out. I’m happy for Matt. I really am. I’m happy for Matt that he got the opportunity in Carolina. It had nothing to do with Matt’s ability, but we had big concerns about that ankle. Like I said, I’m happy for Matt that he got what he got from Carolina. I hope that works out for him.”The Panthers gave Paradis a three-year, $27 million deal with $12 million guaranteed, with the anticipation of him replacing Ryan Kalil in the middle of the line. Having him healthy enough to do that would be a big first step. The Broncos lost for the first time since their Week 10 bye against the 49ers last Sunday and their 6-7 record leaves them looking like a long shot for the playoffs.Head coach Vance Joseph would like to see a more aggressive Case Keenum as they take that long shot. Joseph said that he felt Keenum “was a little cautious” on Sunday while going 24-of-42 for 186 yards and a touchdown and that he’d like to see the risk level go up.That may lead to big plays, but it may also lead to the interceptions that Keenum has eliminated from his game in recent weeks. He threw 10 in the first eight games, but has not been intercepted in his last 176 attempts. Joseph acknowledged that possibility Joe Flacco Jersey White , but it doesn’t change what he wants to see from Keenum.“The bottom line is we got three weeks to play and he鈥檚 got to make more plays and sometimes taking some chances allows you to make more plays,” Joseph said, via Nicki Jhabvala of聽. “There are going to be turnovers, so he can鈥檛 worry about it. You can鈥檛 play this game perfectly. I want Case to be more aggressive, especially down the seams over those Cover 3 defenses. That鈥檚 where the soft spots are, so he鈥檚 got to be aggressive down the seams and not worry about making mistakes.”Beyond Keenum’s interception risk, the makeup of the receiving corps may also be an obstacle to this approach.Sanders, Jeff Heuerman and Jake Butt are on injured reserve, which leaves little established reliability in the receiving corps for the final three games.
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No trades can become official until the start of the new league year on Wednesday Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , so Antonio Brown hasn’t been traded yet and a report on the machinations that led to an agreement sending him to the Raiders includes word that things almost fell apart on Saturday.Albert Breer of reports that the deal was “on the verge of crumbling” as the Raiders spoke to Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus about the new contract that Brown was looking for as part of any deal. It’s not clear what the sticking point was, but the end result was agreement on a trade and on a new deal with $30 million in guaranteed money.Rosenhaus appeared on NFL Network Sunday and confirmed the timing of the start to talks with the Raiders. He said that Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock drove a hard bargain in the first high-profile move since leaving the world of television to take the job.The expected deal to Oakland came after a near agreement with Buffalo was sidelined by Brown’s contract desires. Philadelphia and Washington also reportedly put in calls on Friday after the Buffalo deal was set aside, although Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that talks with Philly never got serious.Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers Schedule, TV, Radio, Online Streaming, Odds, and more The Redskins were a huge disappointment in Week 2. They faced the Indianapolis Colts who were coming off a rough loss to the Bengals. The Redskins looked like a beaten team early Wes Martin Jersey , and were never able to turn it around. They ended the day without scoring a TD, and losing 21-9. Not good Bob.The pitchforks and torches have been out all week for Jay Gruden, Bruce Allen, and anyone else we want to blame that disaster on, but it's a new week and the show must go on. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are coming to town.Even with one good leg, Rodgers can be a problem for any defense. breakdowns like the Redskins did last week could be in big trouble.Sign up HERE to take our weekly Redskins survey.The Redskins are also dealing with multiple injuries on the offensive line and at wide receiver this week. Shawn Lauvao is out with a calf injury so the team will start Tony Bergstrom at center and move Chase Roullier to LG. Brandon Scherff will wear a brace on his knee, and Trent Williams end Morgan Moses both have knee issues. Maurice Harris is trying to return from a concussion and Paul Richardson Jr. has knee and shoulder injuries.The Redskins are 3 point underdogs in their second home game of the season.Matchup: Washington Redskins(1-1) vs Green Bay Packers(1-0-1) Date/Time: Sunday, Sept. 23 | 1 p.m. ETLocation: FedExField (82 Womens Bryce Love Jersey ,000) | Landover, Md.TELEVISION: FOXKevin Burkhardt (play-by-play)Charles Davis (color)Pam Oliver (sidelines)(via 506sports)RADIO: Redskins Radio Network Larry Michael (play-by-play) Chris Cooley (analysis) Rick “Doc” Walker (sidelines)Live Streaming: NFL Sunday Ticket, Game Pass, fuboTVOdds: Redskins +3, Over/Under 45 1/2Series history, news and notesPrediction: Packer 28 - Redskins 22Enemy Blog: Acme Packing Company
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And so ends Philly’s 2019 draft."The Philadelphia Eagles traded the No. 246 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway , according to an official announcement from the team.The Eagles acquired pick No. 246 from the Patriots earlier on Saturday after moving down from No. 163 to No. 167 to draft Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson. No. 246 was Philly’s last selection in this year’s draft so this means the Eagles are done picking.So, who’s this Ridgeway guy? Well, he was originally selected by the Colts in the fourth-round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Ridgeway is a big dude; he measures in at 6-3 T. J. Watt Jersey , 317 pounds. He’s also still pretty young at only 24 years old.Ridgeway has made six starts in 34 career games with the Colts. He’s logged 41 total tackles, 10 quarterback hits, and 4.5 sacks in that span. Despite re-signing Timmy Jernigan Jerome Bettis Jersey White , the Eagles still had a need at defensive tackle entering this year’s draft. The team didn’t end up selecting a player at the position but they were able to use a pick to acquire one in Ridgeway, who is set to play on the last year of his rookie deal.The Eagles now have the following defensive tackles under contract: Fletcher Cox, Malik Jackson James Conner Jersey White , Timmy Jernigan, Hassan Ridgeway, Treyvon Hester Womens Jerome Bettis Jersey , and Bruce Hector. Ridgeway will presumably compete for a backup spot in Philly’s DT rotation. Scouting report on Ridgeway from back in 2016:Spider graph via Mockdraftable: Never been to Heinz Field to take in a Steelers game? Now may be your chance..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsPittsburgh Steelers single game tickets to go on sale May 3rdNever been to Heinz Field to take in a Steelers game? Now may be your chance...EDTShareTweetShareSharePittsburgh Steelers single game tickets to go on sale May 3rdPhilip G. Pavely-USA TODAY SportsAll that is left are the games...When you think about all the stepping stones which lead up to the NFL regular season, NFL fans are beyond all of them. Free Agency is over. At this point all that is left are offseason workouts, training camp and then the boys of fall return to the gridiron for another season.If you have never been to Heinz Field to see the Pittsburgh Steelers in person Jerome Bettis Jersey , it is a trip you have to make. Don’t have season tickets? Don’t know someone who can get tickets for you? There are still a limited number of single game regular season tickets available, but not for long.Get all the information to obtain tickets below from the Steelers official website:Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers as the 2019 regular season inches closer.
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For the second straight season Antonio Brown Raiders Jersey , the Raiders will host joint training camp practices. Last season it was the Lions for a couple days leading up to their preseason match-up. This year the it will be..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Raiders officially announce joint training camp practice dates with RamsNew,10commentsPDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Raiders officially announce joint training camp practice dates with RamsTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesFor the second straight season, the Raiders will host joint training camp practices. Last season it was the Lions for a couple days leading up to their preseason match-up. This year the it will be the Rams coming up from their camp in Southern California to enjoy some Napa hospitality.The Raiders and Rams will practice on Wednesday, Aug. 7 and Thursday, Aug. 8 at the Silver and Black’s training camp home in Napa, Calif. The Raiders will then host the Rams in the preseason opener for both teams at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 5 p.m. Last year’s quick flight trip didn’t go so well for the Raiders, so they’re heading over a week early." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Raiders changing up their London trip plans hoping for better resultsNew,79commentsLast year’s quick flight trip didn’t go so well for the Raiders, so they’re heading over a week early.PDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Raiders changing up their London trip plans hoping for better resultsTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Ben Hoskins/Getty ImagesFor the third time in six years the Raiders will be headed to London for one of their regular season games. This time they play the Chicago Bears at Tottenham Hostpur Stadium. It’s also the second time in two seasons under head coach Jon Gruden they’ve played in London. The first time didn’t go so well.With these international games, you have two choices — to acclimate or not to acclimate.This goes for the game in Mexico City as well. You may recall when the Raiders faced the Patriots in Mexico City in 2017, the Patriots decided to play the Broncos at Mile High the week before to attempt to acclimate to the extreme Mexico City elevation, while the Raiders chose to fly in a and fly out quickly so the thin air didn’t affect them as much. The Raiders lost the game, but probably more because the Patriots were a better team than any acclimation issues. There are schools of thought for both.That quick in and out schedule was what the Raiders did in London last year. Then they went out and played flat against the Seahawks, losing 27-3. Cornerback Daryl Worley recalls how difficult it was to make the long flight the day before a game.“I feel like the short turnaround last year might have took a toll on some guys bodies compared to being able to have a lot more time to unwind,” said Worley. “Not so much of being a tourist Womens Antonio Brown Jersey , but just having that body to be able to be fully adjusted going into a game on Sunday.”Gruden listened to his players on this one. So, he had the Raiders scheduled to play in Indianapolis the week before and will leave immediately afterward to make for a shorter flight, easier time change, and longer recovery from the flight before the game.“I probably won’t do what I did last year,” said Gruden. “You try to research it, some people go and try to stay the least amount of time as possible because they want to put the preparation in at home and not be in a foreign country, in a different bed for five or six nights, but this year I think we will probably go over after that game (at Indianapolis Colts) and get acclimated to the time zone and get ready for Chicago, but will address that here in the next couple months.”You might also recall this is what the Raiders did with their first trip to London. They played in New England and left straight from there to old England. They played the Dolphins and the result wasn’t much better. They lost 38-14 to the Dolphins. Though, to be fair, that was the fourth loss for a team featuring rookie QB Derek Carr who got injured, the team fired Dennis Allen the day after the game, and would go 0-10 before getting their first win.Not sure there’s much proof one way or the other which plan works better. But Gruden has tried one, so he’s now going to try the other.Follow @LeviDamien
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Can the offense string together consecutive productive days of practice?" Denver Broncos Training CampBroncos training camp: Day 8 live updatesNew John Elway Jersey White ,64commentsThe Denver Broncos are back for Day 8 of training camp. Can the offense string together consecutive productive days of practice?MDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Broncos training camp: Day 8 live updatesTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailThe Denver Broncos are back for Day 8 of training camp. According to the Broncos training camp schedule, the team will be hosting a stadium event tomorrow at 2:15 p.m. That should be fun. Practice today starts at 9:15 a.m. and will run all the way to noon. Another wide receiver was added to the roster today, since DaeSean Hamilton tweaked his hamstring this week. Head Coach Vic Fangio noted it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. “Not as bad as could have been,” Fangio said. “He woke up feeling better today, so I’m encouraged that it will be short rather than long, but you know how those hamstrings can go.”Hamilton is a guy we all hope has a big season. Football Outsiders did put him on their Top 25 breakout players list this week, so getting him back onto the field and in practice before Week 1 will be important. Emmanuel Sanders has his first team drill this week, but he is still iffy for a Week 1 start. Stay tuned to Mile High Report as Broncos camp continues.Day 8 Recap Can rookie Ryan Crozier provide depth behind Connor McGovern for the Denver Broncos?" Denver Broncos Roster2019 Broncos roster review: UDFA Offensive Lineman Ryan Crozier New Womens Royce Freeman Jersey ,8commentsCan rookie Ryan Crozier provide depth behind Connor McGovern for the Denver Broncos?MDTCalling the 2018 UConn football team’s season a disappointment may be one of the biggest understatements I’ve said this year. The Huskies finished the year 1-11 and made some dubious history as their defense broken the record for points allowed in a single season at 605. They allowed 49 or more points in 10 of their 12 games and their only win was over a FCS team. Lost in the doom, gloom, and boom of point after attempts was Ryan Crozier, who came back from his second major knee injury to start all 12 games at center for the Huskies. In total he started 29 games during his UConn career and comes to his initial Broncos camp as a prospect for the interior offensive line where Mike Munchak is looking for depth. The goodMade line calls in college29 games of experienceGreat athlete for the positionExplosive moverLong armsThere’s two ways to look at Crozier’s injury history. The optimist will point to what UConn’s coaching staff had to say about him: Even better, with the Broncos moving to an outside zone heavy running scheme a player like Crozier looks like a clean fit. His mobility will help on blocks at the second level and his long arms should give him extra space to lock onto pass rushers. Combine that with his experience and there’s a lot to like about him as he makes the jump. Also, a fun fact: he’s already been on ESPN’s NFL Live. The bad2 serious knee injuries are no joke.Strength a question. Probably at least year away from NFL power.Played for a slew of coaches.Will turn 24 during the 2019 season.I’ll admit I’m a big fan of the 29 starts, as I prefer offensive lineman with real experience at the college game before they try to swim in the ocean. What’s a bit complicating in Crozier’s case is that he had two head coaches, five offensive coordinators and four offensive line coaches. Combine that with the fact that he may need to bulk up in an NFL weight training program at nearly 24 years old and it’s fair to wonder how much better he can get. This isn’t a death knell by any means Courtland Sutton Jersey , after all former Bronco Matt Paradis came to Denver as an older rookie as well and still wound up as a key contributor for most of his time in the Rocky Mountains. It is something to keep in mind, however.Ryan Crozier’s roster status with the BroncosA lot depends on Crozier’s ability to play the guard spots in addition to center. The Broncos have a lot of bodies competing for time on the interior offensive line and will probably carry just 8 on the 53 with at least 4 tightly locked up. Connor McGovern, Dalton Risner, Ja’Wuan James, and Garett Bolles surely aren’t going anywhere. Both Ronald Leary and Elijah Wilkinson’s status are a bit murkier, but they probably stick as well. That leaves 7 interior offensive lineman fighting for maybe 2 spots. Chances are Crozier’s playing for a spot on the practice squad this season with an eye towards 2020 as a real chance to stick to the active roster. It’s a route taken by many undrafted rookie linemen and it’s certainly worked out for quite a few in Broncos history. The practice squad would give the former Husky a chance to build up his body and become acclimated to NFL speed while Coach Munchak would have the opportunity to refine his mechanics.
The Denver Broncos a ...
WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsEDTShareTweetShareShareNFL Odds: Redskins open Week 1 as the biggest underdogs of the week against the Eagles in PhillyBill Streicher-USA TODAY SportsThe NFL released the official 2019 schedule for every team last night at 8pm. This lets everyone know when their team is playing Terry McLaurin Washington Redskins Jersey , when the bye week falls, how many prime-time games they have, and more. The Redskins have a pretty unique schedule setup this year. They open the season up against the Eagles in Philadelphia, then host the Cowboys, and travel to face the Giants in Week 4. Then they finish the season out with 3 division games in a row. They will need to start off hot to stay in contention, and finish strong with those critical games closing the season out.Sportsbooks jumped on schedule release day, and have odds available for Week 1, and they are not promising for the Redskins. Washington opens up as the biggest underdog Week 1, with a +8 line, and a 46 over/under. The Eagles are coming off of a playoff run where they looked to St. Nick Foles to save them again, but their run fell through Alshon Jeffery’s hands. Foles is now the face of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Carson Wentz will try to finish a season for the second time in his young career.The next biggest point spread in Week 1 this year also comes from an NFC East matchup. The Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants, and are 7.5 point favorites in the opening line with a 46 over/under. The Giants and Redskins are expected to fight for the #3 spot in the division according to most oddsmakers, while Dallas and Philly go for the top prize. No team has been a repeat division champ in the NFC East since the Eagles from 2001-2004. The Eagles opened up as favorites to win the division with even odds. The Cowboys were next at 5/4, Washington was third at 8/1, and the Giants are at the bottom at 16/1.Division Win total over/unders:Philadelphia Eagles Over 9.5Under 9.5 Dallas Cowboys Over 8.5Under 8.5Washington Redskins Over 6Under 6New York Giants Over 6Under 6 Thursday Night Game:Philadelphia Eagles:-Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz are the top plays here for the Eagles. The volume Ertz is receiving is comparable with just about any receiver in the league and the Giants corners are better than their linebacker/safeties (though still solid in the area). Alshon Jeffery faces a tough match-up on the outside and unless you need to play him this is a good week to avoid him on the short week. Inside Nelson Agholar has a better match-up and is a solid option as well. If you are looking for a bye week filler at running back Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement are both potentially in play, with Smallwood the better option given his passing game usage.New York Giants:-It’s a tough match-up for Saquon Barkley as no one has run effectively versus the Eagles this year (or last year for that matter). Barkley is still a guy you who can get you the fantasy points you need given his Red Zone usage and passing game work. Odell Beckham Jr. is in a great spot here as the Eagles secondary is just getting roasted all season. Given his expected volume Beckham could be in line for another huge day. Sterling Shepard also figures to be capable for a big night as his target share is very good and facing the Eagles slot and number two corners have been fantasy gold this year. If you are really desperate you can make a case for Eli Manning as a streaming QB option, but it’s always a bit risky.Quarterbacks: (Obviously lock and load all the top guys)Start ‘em:Andy Dalton:-This figures to be one of the higher scoring games of the year, and Dalton is playing pretty well overall this season. The Steelers have limited opposing running backs this year, but have been torched through the air. I’d expect Dalton to throw at least 40 times this game and could rack up some big yards. Andrew Luck:-Luck is coming off big back-to-back games and is looking better as the season goes on. The Colts have no rushing attack so they have to throw the ball. While it’s possible this is a low scoring game and the Colts try more of a ball control approach Terry McLaurin Washington Redskins Jersey , they are beatable through the air. Jameis Winston:-The Falcons pass defense is simply bad this year (mainly due to injuries) and teams are able to throw at will. Winston should have plenty of chances to throw in this game and with his talented receiver core he should put up a huge week. C.J. Beathard:-This is a case where Beathard might not have a good real life game, but should be in line for a pretty decent fantasy game. The 49ers should be down this game and will need to throw the ball plenty this week versus a pretty poor Packers secondary. Beathard will likely throw for an interception or two this week (has two in both of his starts this year), but he’s also a good bet to throw for 300+ yards and 2 TDs as well. If your scoring system doesn’t penalize turnovers too harshly, he’s worth a shot in deeper leagues. Sit ‘em:Russell Wilson: -Wilson is having a good real life year, but not a very productive fantasy football season. He’s only come close to 300 passing yards once this season, and his rushing usage is down considerably. There are some reasons to like him in what could be a nice match-up, but the risk is probably too high for your fantasy team. If you play DFS maybe take a flier, but don’t tie your entire fantasy team to this level of usage/production.Blake Bortles:- Bortles has had back-to-back big fantasy weeks (though only one good real life game) so he could be a popular guy to target, but this just doesn’t seem like a good spot. Bortles typically does well when Leonard Fournette is out, but in this situation game script might not be favorable for Bortles. The Jaguars figure to be ahead in this game versus the Cowboys, and Dallas’ offense is so bad that the chances for a shoot out are pretty unlikely. It’s a fine defensive match-up, but the pace of play and game script mean Bortles will probably be fairly capped in his upside.Mitch Trubisky:-A lot of people will be interested in playing Trubisky after his huge game versus the Buccaneers two weeks ago, but this isn’t probably a good spot for him. Prior to the Buccaneers game the Bears were content to win the the game with good defense and running the football, and there is little reason to think they won’t go back to that in this type of match-up. The Dolphins are far worse versus the run this year and Chicago figures to be ahead this week so there is little reason for Trubisky to throw more than 30 times.Alex Smith:-It’s not fun to knock a Redskin player, but it’s even harder to like playing Alex Smith this year. Smith could have a very good real life game, but it’s tougher to believe he will have a good fantasy game. The Panthers have allowed decent production versus quarterbacks, but Smith hasn’t really shown that he will be a top tier fantasy QB even when he’s played well. Smith has yet to throw for 300 yards and has just 4 passing TDs and 1 rushing TD in four weeks. Running backs:Start ‘em:James White:-At this point White should be an auto-start as the Patriots backfield has thinned out to the point where White’s involvement as a receiver alone makes him a viable play. Add in a great match-up this week versus a bad Chiefs defense and the fact that Sony Michel is banged-up and White could be in line for a huge game.Jordan Howard:-While there is a concern that this could be another Tarik Cohen week, Howard figures to be the beneficiary in this match-up versus a bad Dolphins run defense. Game script should favor the Bears and coachspeak this week talked about getting Howard more involved. Aaron Jones:-Jones has looked good running the football the past two weeks since coming off suspension, unfortunately his usage has been more limited. This week though it figures that it could go up some as Green Bay should be ahead most of this game and the Packers probably still want to limit Aaron Rodgers usage when they can. Sit ‘em:Falcons Running backs:-This is just a bad situation as Atlanta is now spreading their running back touches between three guys. Odds are none of the backs are going to be really viable fantasy options so I’m avoiding this situation unless I’m really desperate.David Johnson:-Now I would never say fully fade David Johnson, he’s just too talented to completely get away from him. But if you are blessed with some multiple good options on your fantasy team Cheap Terry McLaurin Jersey , I’d strongly consider sitting him this week. His fantasy production has trended up of late, but this week it figures to be in trouble. The Vikings running defense has been very stingy and the Cardinals still haven’t embraced using Johnson like he’s been used in the past. Also, with Josh Rosen’s struggles it’s likely there will be very limited scoring chances here as well.Alfred Morris:-I know with Matt Brieda out a lot of people are interesting in playing Morris this week, but he’s probably going to disappoint fantasy owners as this is not a good spot for him. Morris has struggled to get anything going on the ground and his passing game usage remains pretty limited. Even if he does see an uptick in targets, he’s been very inefficient with them throughout his career. With the Packers likely to be up in this game (and by a wide margin), Morris probably will see fewer than 15 carries in this game. Maybe you luck into a pair of short yardage rushing TDs, but otherwise he’s likely to hurt your fantasy team.Wide Receivers:Start ‘em:Mohamed Sanu/Calvin Ridley:-Julio Jones is still clearly the Falcons top receiver, but Atlanta has shown no qualms with feeding their 2nd and 3rd options when defenses try to take away/limit Julio. This is another good match-up in a potential shootout game. At least one of these receivers should have a good game even if Julio has a monster performance. DeSean Jackson/Chris Godwin:-Most people will focus on Mike Evans, but the Buccaneers 2nd and 3rd receivers are both really good plays this week as well. Especially with O.J. Howard still out with an injury. Jackson has the big play ability so if your league has extra bonuses for longer catches/scores he’s the one to play, but Godwin is a good option as well. Sammy Watkins:-This game has one of the higher over/unders on the slate and Watkins usage has been as good as Tyreek Hill’s not counting the game where Watkins left early due to injury. The Patriots are giving up a ton of receiving yards each week so there should be plenty of opportunity for Watkins here. Chester Rogers:-The Colts should be without both T.Y. Hilton and Jack Doyle again this week and it’s possible Eric Ebron misses due to injury as well. Rogers has gotten 11 targets each of the last two weeks, and has a good match-up versus a beatable Jets secondary (particularly in the slot). Doug Baldwin/Amari Cooper:-These two veteran receivers each only had 1 catch on 1 target a week ago, but in a match-up facing off versus each other this week they are guys you should go back to the well on. Both defenses are bad and there is plenty of reason to believe that the receivers will have pretty decent bounce back weeks. Upside is probably more limited for Baldwin, but he’s still a decent option. Josh Gordon:-I don’t think Gordon is “safe” by any stretch, but his upside is high and in this match-up he could have a big game. With the longer week break since they played last Thursday, I think it’s likely that the Patriots will work to get Gordon more involved this week. Sit ‘em:-Not a ton of guys I’d really look to avoid this week. Some top receivers like Stephon Diggs and Davante Adams might not see the volume you’d typically want, but I wouldn’t take them out of my line-up. There are a number of key injury situations to monitor of course, but those should be known well ahead of time. Probably the only “big” name guy I’d avoid would be Will Fuller this week. He’s banged up and playing at less than 100% and this game script should have the Texans up in the game and not needing to throw.
The odds are...not g ...
Ryan Switzer had to call a moving company for the second time in less than four months due to being traded twice during the offseason. The former North Carolina Tarheel was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in 2017 and then traded to the Oakland Raiders this past April. Switzer didn’t last long on the Raiders’ roster as he was traded on August 27 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The trade was a 2019 fifth-rounder from Pittsburgh in exchange for Switzer and a 2019 sixth-rounder. In a perfect scenario Jack Lambert Jersey , the Steelers would pick No. 32 and the Raiders No. 1 in the sixth round. The Steelers have used a smattering of players on both kick and punt returns the past few years, with limited success. The knee-jerk reaction after one game — the solution is Switzer.Steelers fans have been clamoring for the team to relieve wideout Antonio Brown from his punt-return duties. Brown, a once talented punt returner, has seen his productivity decline. (I opined about this two years ago.) During this past preseason, Pittsburgh tried out two camp bodies along with cornerback Cameron Sutton in hopes one of them would take the job and flourish. Sutton’s shot at punt-return duties ended against the Tennessee Titans when he fumbled a return. None of the camp bodies shined. The Steelers’ 2017 primary punt returner, Eli Rogers (PUP list) is still recovering from a torn ACL and is unavailable — forcing the Steelers to look elsewhere. Over the past two seasons, the Black-and-gold used seven different kick returners — only JuJu Smith-Schuster remains on the roster. While JuJu was effective in 2017 (26.7 YPR), the Steelers seem to prefer keeping him strictly on offense and handing the kick-return duties to another player. Steelers fans hope that this never-ending carousel ends with Switzer.Video evidence shows that Switzer just might be the remedy the Steelers have been searching for. Switzer’s first punt return had Steelers fans on their feet cheering with a 22-yard effort. The third punt he returned was only for four yards but, due to his eagerness and not letting the ball bounce — this ensured the Steelers better field position. This punt shows Switzer flipping field position with the Browns. Britton Colquitt boots a punt 45 yards but Switzer returns it for 20 to the Cleveland 39.Was it the rush against Colquitt or the presence of Switzer that led to a brutal 29-yard shank deep into overtime?Two of his kickoff returns show his elusiveness but also his field vision where others failed.Switzer’s 4.51 speed won’t exactly blow the doors off of opponents. But pairing that with his vision and sure-handedness — the Steelers have the makings of the returner they’ve been searching for. So far in this young season, Switzer is seventh in punt return average (11.2 yards) and tenth in kickoffs average (23 yards). Will Switzer be able to maintain or build on those numbers? Steelers Nation remains cautiously optimistic.Steelers News: Mike Tomlin taking plenty of heat after big loss to the Chiefs The Pittsburgh Steelers are dealing with disappointment for the second week in a row after the Kansas City Chiefs came into Heinz Field and dismantled the home team. Heading into Week 3, the team must slowly turn its attention away from the embarrassing loss and solely focus on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Week-3, prime time matchup. Something I did last season and I’m going to start again is the Black-and-Gold Links article. This is an article where I take stories from quality news sources across the Internet Jack Ham Jersey , and add them here for your viewing pleasure. I won’t be posting the entire articles, but I’ll link each story and author so that you can read the full article. Today we focus on something many in the fan base have been longing for — Mike Tomlin to take heat for the team’s shortcomings. If you think the Pittsburgh media doesn’t criticize Tomlin for the team not playing up to ‘the standard’, you might just be looking in the wrong places. Tomlin will have to take his medicine with this loss, but it’s nothing that a few wins strung together can’t cure — if that’s possible.Let’s get to the news:Joe Starkey: The Steelers stink — and that falls on Mike TomlinBy: Joe Starkey, Pittsburgh Post-GazetteI have long been a card-carrying member of The Mike Tomlin Apologist Society. It’s true.Whenever people want him fired, I laugh and respond with inconvenient facts like his career winning percentage (.656), or, say, his 20-3-1 record in the previous 24 regular-season games as of Sunday morning.But my membership has never meant putting Tomlin above criticism — and as we sit here now, a long ways from Sunday morning, in the wake of a disastrous performance against the Kansas City Chiefs, he is more deserving of criticism than at any time in his 12-year tenure.This team stinks.It’s not just that the Steelers are 0-1-1 after their 42-37 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Or that they tied the ridiculous Cleveland Browns last weekend. Or that they have committed 23 (accepted) penalties and countless mental errors in those two games (I think Bud Dupree just jumped offside again).It’s more than that.It’s the fact that the following statement is frighteningly accurate in describing their past two home games JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , including the playoff debacle against Jacksonville 鈥hat was one of the worst defensive performances in franchise history.Paul Zeise: Mike Tomlin needs to be held accountable for this sloppy mess of a football teamBy: Paul Zeise, Pittsburgh Post-GazettePat Mahomes talked glowingly about the number of weapons the Chiefs have on offense after he torched the Steelers for six touchdowns in a 42-37 win at Heinz Field Sunday. He said that takes the pressure off of him and makes the Chiefs extremely hard to defend.“They can’t stop everybody,” Mahomes said.Actually, I’d disagree with Mahomes, well at least with respect to the Steelers’ defense.They can’t stop anybody. And it has been like that pretty much every game since Ryan Shazier went down with an injury in Cincinnati last season. It actually hasn’t been consistently very good in a long, long time. The defense cost them the playoff game against Jacksonville last season. The defensive backfield has gotten worse, not better. The young linebackers don’t seem to be progressing like first-round picks should.And yet, it was the offensive coordinator that lost his job after last season.Think about how silly that is. The Steelers’ offense and Ben Roethlisberger were never better than when Todd Haley was calling plays, yet he got fired and sentenced to a stay in Cleveland. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler, on the other hand, and linebackers coach Joey Porter are still on the staff and that’s ridiculous.Here’s the thing, though James Conner Jersey , the spin last season as to why Butler deserved to keep his job is that Mike Tomlin took over the defense late last season and was calling virtually all of the plays. Tomlin, who was a defensive coordinator in a different life, was the one responsible for the defensive meltdown against Jacksonville and therefore Butler should be blameless in this mess. The rationale for keeping Porter around is, well, I have no idea. The linebackers under his direction have not gotten better despite the fact that he has been handed first-round pick after first-round pick.Mike Tomlin trusted his defense. The question is why?By: Ray Fittipaldo, Pittsburgh Post-GazetteThe Steelers defense was shredded by Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes Sunday afternoon and the secondary will be rightfully ripped for its overall ineptitude in defending the pass. The Steelers had to put the Chiefs in a situation where they had to run.Maybe that’s what Mike Tomlin was thinking with his questionable decision to kick it deep rather than attempt an onside kick with 1:59 remaining after the Steelers pulled to within five points. The Steelers possessed all three of their timeouts, and the Steelers knew the Chiefs were going to run the ball, bleed the clock and try to pick up a first down.Every one of the 63,956 in attendance knew a run was coming, and Kareem Hunt gained nine yards on first down. Perhaps it was a fitting away to end the game.The Steelers defense did nothing to support Tomlin’s decision to kick it away, and in the end, they let him down.Ron Cook: Team Turmoil has made its returnBy: Ron Cook Artie Burns Jersey , Pittsburgh Post-GazetteThey are laughing at the Steelers in many parts of the football world, almost looking at them as if they are a bad joke. Because they stumbled and almost fell against the Cleveland Browns, of all teams, in their opening game, sure. But just as much because they seem to be an undisciplined, out-of-control bunch.Team Turmoil.Here we go again.“They’re just a mess,” Colin Cowherd said last week on Fox Sports, offering a growing national perspective.It’s hard to argue.We are one game into the new season and look at what already has happened. Le’Veon Bell didn’t sign his franchise tag, didn’t show up for training camp and sent out posts as he partied at a Miami strip club while his teammates toiled in the hot sun at Latrobe. Bell didn’t show up for the Cleveland game, prompting his teammates to lash out in a bitter, almost unprecedented manner. “Stay away all season,” David DeCastro growled. Bell sent out more posts the night after the Cleveland game as he partied into the early morning at a Miami club Sean Davis Jersey , almost sticking out his tongue at his teammates. Antonio Brown threatened a reporter with physical violence, forcing Mike Tomlin and Art Rooney II to use their precious time and get involved with Rooney saying this nonsense won’t be tolerated.Except that it is.The nonsense keeps happening, again and again and again.“There’s no concern whatsoever about our team’s attitude, discipline, all that other stuff that gets talked about. Absolutely no concern,” Kevin Colbert said during camp. “I had no question about our mental preparation [last season], our internal organization, how our team was run.”I think Colbert is a really good general manager and an even better person, but his words didn’t make sense at the time and make even less sense now. The Steelers were coming off a 2017 season in which Brown threw a sideline temper tantrum in Baltimore, Martavis Bryant was suspended for the Detroit game for demanding a trade on social media and dissing JuJu Smith-Schuster to make his point, and James Harrison openly disrespected Tomlin by sleeping through team meetings before eventually forcing the Steelers to release him. That is only a partial list.All of it made Tomlin look bad and weak.
Steelers Film Room: ...
Getting the receiver back on the field by the end of training camp Brian Dawkins Jersey , though, seems a reasonable goal.“We’ll see,” Sanders said, via Ryan O’Halloran of . “You know how the trainers are. We’re not going to put a date on anything. We’re going to take it one day at a time and hopefully I’m back out there by the end. But if I’m not, I’m not going to rush it. I’m not going to take my time and make sure I’m 100 percent by the time I get back on the field.” Sanders, 32, tore his Achilles’ tendon in a Dec. 5 practice. He said he is “feeling good” and running full speed again. Sanders took another step Tuesday when he began lateral movement.“I wouldn’t say that we’re ahead of schedule; I wouldn’t say that we’re behind schedule,” Sanders said, via Nicki Jhabvala of Peyton Manning Jersey , to sum it up, Sanders is making progress, taking it day by day, with no firm date for his return. Broncos General Manager John Elway didn’t have a problem with quarterback Joe Flacco saying that his job is to win football games rather than mentor second-round pick Drew Lock and Lock doesn’t seem to have any issue with it either.Lock flew into Los Angeles on Wednesday night to attend this year’s NFLPA Rookie Premiere event and avoided injury when a shuttle taking him and fellow Broncos rookie Noah Fant from the plane to the terminal got into a crash. He couldn’t avoid a reporter asking him about his relationship with Flacco.Lock said he didn’t have a comment on Flacco’s view, but said that he’s gaining knowledge from Flacco whether the veteran is calling it mentorship or not.“He’s taught me a lot so far,” Lock said. “He’s dealing with trying to win football games, I’m dealing with trying to learn. We’re in the same quarterback room. He’s been great to me.”Flacco’s desire to remain a starting quarterback doesn’t come as much of a surprise and the best-case scenario for the Broncos will be for the older quarterback to play well enough to afford the younger one a chance to prepare as much as possible for his own turn in the spotlight.
Emmanuel Sanders isn ...
One of the strangest stories of last year’s NFL offseason has come to this conclusion this offseason: Von Miller will not be fined for catching a shark on a fishing trip Ryquell Armstead Jersey , but the owner of the boat he was on was fined.It started a year ago when Miller posted pictures of himself on social media with a shark he caught on a Florida fishing trip.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals accused Miller of illegally catching and killing the shark, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission opened an investigation.Florida has bans on catching certain types of sharks, and restrictions on catching other types, and Miller said he took those laws seriously and did everything he was supposed to do.Miller was cleared, but TMZ reports that the owner and operator of the fishing vessel were fined $2,000 for fishing for sharks without the proper permit and failure to release a shark in the manner that will ensure maximum probability of survival. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Sam Darnold sets the tone these days for the New York Jets.And, not just with his arm.It’s the second-year quarterback’s words and his approach with his teammates that are lifting him into a leadership role on and off the practice field.“I definitely think you have to be able to understand what makes guys click, what sets a fire underneath a guy,” Darnold said Saturday. “Because if you can figure that out, especially as a quarterback, I feel like you can get everyone playing on the same page and everyone running routes, blocking, running at a very high level and at 100 percent every single play.”The 22-year-old Darnold has already earned the respect of his teammates and coaches with his no-nonsense approach to football, immersing himself in the game as a student with a relentless desire to master everything about it. That includes knowing how to communicate with players — in good moments and bad — and recognizing how to properly motivate them.“I’m not going to give hard examples, but some guys might be more quiet and you might have to talk to them one on one,” Darnold said. “Some guys might like to get Will Harris Jersey , not necessarily ripped, but some guys might like to get talked to in front of the whole group and that fires them up a little bit, and then they want to go out there and prove it in front of their teammates.“It’s just about knowing your teammates and understanding how you have to talk to them.”That’s a perhaps overlooked but vital part of a young quarterback’s development.Making plays and winning games goes a long way in helping a QB establish himself as a team leader. But the way he carries himself and commands the respect of those around him plays into it, too. And, that’s something Darnold appears to be getting the hang of quickly.“Him being comfortable in those situations, that’s so valuable for us as an organization because that’s a step you have to take to become that leader that we’re looking for,” Gase said. “He just has natural leadership ability where he doesn’t even try and guys will respond to him.”Darnold also accepts criticism — constructive and otherwise — from his coaches and teammates, and uses it to get better on the field.“He’s really good,” Gase said. “He listens. It doesn’t matter how you say it. He listens, he takes in the information and then he goes and tries to apply it.”During his rookie season, Darnold often praised veteran Josh McCown for helping him transition to the pros as a No. 3 overall pick with the hopes of a franchise resting on his shoulders. McCown, who retired during the offseason, was an immediate mentor and role model for the youngster, showing him how to carry himself on the field and in meetings.McCown remains a constant sounding board for Darnold, and the two often use Snapchat to communicate about football and life off the field. McCown, now working as an analyst for ESPN, was at the Jets’ practice Saturday and mentioned to Gasehow Darnold wouldn’t always acknowledge last season when he didn’t fully grasp something in the offense.“He would just kind of take it in and try and figure it out , and I told Josh, I was like, he’s gotten past that,” Gase said. “If he doesn’t understand something, he’ll tell me. And that’s experience. That’s what one year does for you. One year in this league feels like 10. So he probably feels like he’s 10 years out of college.”missing three with a foot injury that might have been a blessing in disguise. In the Jets’ final four games, Darnold was one of the NFL’s most productive and efficient quarterbacks, closing the season by going 80 of 125 (64.0 completion percentage) for 931 yards with six touchdowns and only one interception.“He finished strong,” running back Bilal Powell said, “and you want that momentum going into the offseason.”Darnold has been terrific so far through three training camp practices, including Saturday’s session in pads. He has shown a good grasp of Gase’s offense and has been making consistently good decisions with the football.“He’s 22 years old and he can throw the piss out of the ball,” Gase said, “so it’s fun to call plays.”Darnold knows all eyes are on him this summer: those of his coaches and teammates, the fans and the media. And, the quarterback believes he can handle all the attention.“I think, whether I want to call myself a leader or not, I think it’s just me being the guy that I am every single day Rashan Gary Jersey ,” Darnold said. “I think, as a quarterback, yeah, you have to be able to lead. There’s not a better way to put it, I don’t think. You just have to be able to tell the guys what to do on every single play and if one guy messes up or you might want the route to look a different way or maybe someone messes up pass protection or even if I mess up a pass protection or mess up a throw, I have to communicate: ‘How can we get it better?’“Because on Sundays, there’s no room for error. We just have to be clicking on all things and in practice is the time to fix it. And for me, I have to be very outspoken about what’s right and what’s wrong.”NOTES: Gase said RB Le’Veon Bell missed a portion of practice for the second straight day because of league-mandated drug testing. “Since he wasn’t here in the spring, they have to do everything now,” Gase said. The coach added that it’s a common occurrence for players to be called inside for drug testing. “You guys don’t see it all the time. You know, in the season sometimes we can be out at practice where a guy gets pulled off. It happens a lot in OTAs, you know, guys will come out late because they’ve got to do that.”
Darnold started 13 g ...
CANTON Nick Bosa Jersey , Ohio (AP) — more than 200 items he’s donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with many to be displayed this summer as part of an exhibit featuring Mawae as a member of the Class of 2019.Mawae said in a release Wednesday that the collection represents a lifetime of football and love of a game that means so much to his family and allows him to share both his journey and the privilege of being in the Hall of Fame.He donated jerseys, posters, footballs L.J. Collier Jersey , helmets, photos, notes and playbooks. Highlights include a New York Jets jersey worn during an exhibition in Tokyo helping open the NFL’s 84th season; a game-worn AFL 50th anniversary Tennessee Titans jersey from 2009; and a handwritten list of Hall of Famers who played center that Mawae used as inspiration.The poem read:“Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self- satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of being.Talent is God-given; be humble.Fame is man-given; be thankful.Conceit is self-given; be careful.Remember this is your lifetime through tomorrow there will be more to do…And failure awaits for all who stay with some success made yesterday…Tomorrow you must try more and even harder than before.”The Class of 2019 Locker Exhibit opens this summer featuring lockers with items from Champ Bailey, Pat Bowlen , Gil Brandt, Tony Gonzalez, Ty Law, Ed Reed and Johnny Robinson. Ryan Shazier‘s goal is still a return to playing in the NFL T.J. Hockenson Jersey , but the linebacker’s current role around the Steelers is limited to continuing his rehab and serving as an advisor to other members of the team.One of the players who is benefitting from Shazier’s mentorship is the guy drafted in hopes of filling much of the hole Shazier left behind on the defense. The Steelers traded up with the Broncos to take Devin Bush in the first round this year and Bush said recently that Shazier has been in his ear throughout his first months with the team.“We stay in communication on a daily basis,” Bush said during an appearance on WSVN. “That’s like my big brother, honestly. He’s just showing me the ropes, the ins and outs of the NFL and how to be a man.”The lessons seem to be going well for the rookie. Early reviews of Bush’s work in Pittsburgh have been positive and he’s set to be in a major role when the season gets underway in September.
A poem that hung in ...
ALAMEDA , Calif. (AP) — and the week leading up to the season opener without star receiver Antonio Brown on the practice field.So while most outsiders figured his release two days before the opener would be as costly as last year’s trade of pass rusher Khalil Mack, the Raiders believed they had a much-improved team capable of competing and showed that in a 24-16 victory Monday night over Denver.“We tried to tell everybody all offseason, we weren’t just blowing smoke,” quarterback Derek Carr said. “We had a good football team even when (Brown) wasn’t there. We knew if we had him, my goodness, that could be crazy because he’s so good as a football player. But he’s not here. And when it happened, honestly, it wasn’t the same feeling as when Khalil Mack got traded. I’ll just put it as that. It was not the same feeling. It was like OK, at least the question was answered. At least we have answers.”For one night at least, the answers looked to be good ones. Carr played with much more confidence, showing needed growth in year two under coach Jon Gruden. The rookie class had a big impact from running back Josh Jacobs to defensive end Clelin Ferrell and safety Johnathan Abram.Perhaps most importantly Andy Isabella Jersey , free agent receiver Tyrell Williams and tight end Darren Waller showed Oakland still has some capable pass catchers even with Brown in New England.Carr finished 22 for 26 for 259 yards, with an 8-yard TD pass to Williams on the opening drive.WHAT’S WORKINGJacobs was brought in to be the bell-cow back despite carrying the ball 20 times in a game just once in three seasons at Alabama. He thrived under a heavy load in the opener. He ran 23 times for 85 yards and two touchdowns and also caught a 28-yard pass that set up a touchdown. Jacobs became the first player since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2001 to gain at least 100 yards from scrimmage and run for two TDs in an NFL debut.“This man wasn’t really the feature back at Alabama. He’s not drawing from a lot of experience,” Gruden said. “I’m anxious to see how he feels today after 24 touches because we’d like to get him 24 more next week.”WHAT NEEDS HELPAfter a strong first half when Denver was limited to 87 yards and no points, Oakland’s defense wasn’t nearly as effective in the final two quarters. The Broncos scored on four of five second-half drives as the Raiders appeared to wear down. The one positive for Oakland was that three of those scoring drives ended in field goals, thanks to a pair of third-down sacks and a dropped pass in the end zone.STOCK UPLT Kolton Miller. The 2018 first-round pick struggled mightily in his rookie season as he dealt with various injuries and the transition to the NFL. Miller allowed an NFL-worst 14 sacks last year, according to Sports Info Solutions, contributing to the 52 allowed as a team by the Raiders.Miller got tested in the opener going up mostly against Denver’s Bradley Chubb, who had 12 sacks as a rookie. But Miller was part of a line that didn’t allow Carr to get hit or sacked even once, the first time that has happened since Week 2 in 2017.“We see a lot of progress,” Gruden said. “He’s stronger, he’s more experienced and he’s healthy. Those three things added to his improvement.”STOCK DOWNRookie CB Trayvon Mullen. Forced into action in the second half after Gareon Conley went down with a neck injury Clelin Ferrell Jersey , Mullen was targeted repeatedly by Joe Flacco down the stretch. Mullen took a bad gamble, leading to a 22-yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders on Denver’s last drive that was capped by Flacco’s 1-yard TD throw to Sanders against Mullen.“He has to play better,” Gruden said. “He had some moments where he struggled.”INJUREDThe Raiders got good news on Conley, who was taken off the field on a stretcher after a scary injury in the second half. Conley said on Twitter that the injury wasn’t severe and he was “good to go.”KEY NUMBERThree. After being limited to an NFL-worst 13 sacks last year after trading Mack before the start of the season, the Raiders knew they needed a more consistent pass rush to be successful this year. The early results were encouraging with free agent acquisition Benson Mayowa recording two sacks and No. 4 overall draft pick Ferrell adding one. The three sacks were the most for the Raiders since they also had three on Dec. 10, 2017, against Kansas City.NEXT STEPSThe degree of difficulty ramps up this week when the Raiders host Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City in a second straight division matchup. The Chiefs have won eight of the past nine games in the series. Oakland has started 2-0 just once since the 2002 AFC title year, winning the first two games in 2017 before stumbling to a 6-10 record. The Houston Texans officially have acquired running back Duke Johnson from the Browns. Next comes figuring out how he’ll help the team.“We have a vision for how we want to use him, we’re excited about it, we’ve got to get him rehabbed,” coach Bill O’Brien told reporters on Saturday. “He hasn’t missed any games in the past Josh Oliver Jersey , I think, three years. Played 16-game seasons, been very productive, has played on special teams. We just have to get him out on a field and try to start seeing him within the vision that we have for him.”Johnson, through four seasons in the NFL, has yet to miss a game. Although O’Brien didn’t specify the vision for Johnson, the Texans see him as a player who has great versatility.“Duke’s a first-, second-, third-down running back, he’s played on special teams,” O’Brien said. “Good in the running game http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline...y-williams-ii-jersey , good in the passing game, good professional. Really excited to have him on board and just really look forward to working with him.”O’Brien explained that Johnson had been on Houston’s radar screen for a while, and that the organization did its due diligence.“A lot of people spoke very highly of him, including some people here,” O’Brien said. “Andre Johnson knows him from down in Miami, and Lamar Miller.”Johnson could potentially supplant Miller, especially since Miller has one year left on his contract and Johnson arrives with a deal that lasts through 2021. His $1.8 million salary for 2019 doubles in 2020; the Texans will need to believe based on what happens this year that they’ll get that kind of value out of him next year.
The Oakland Raiders ...
Competition Committee to make a change to the new rule allowing for replay reviews of pass interference.That rule was adopted at March’s league meetings after a strong push from coaches and allows for reviews of fouls that were called as well as ones that were missed during the play. It also called for the reviews to be handled the same way as all others Dwayne Haskins Jersey , i.e. coaches would throw a challenge flag outside of the final two minutes of each half and reviews would be initiated from the booth at the end of halves.Packers president and Competition Committee member Mark Murphy told Bob Glauber of that the owners will consider letting the rule be tweaked so that there would be no automatic booth reviews. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, another member of the Competition Committee, told earlier this month that he didn’t anticipate any changes, but it appears the mood has shifted.The change could limit reviews as coaches would be bound to having two challenges with the possibility of a third if they win both and only being able to use challenges if they have timeouts. There’s no cap on booth-initiated reviews David Long Jersey , although Murphy noted leaving things to coaches only could lead to issues on Hail Marys as coaches might challenge in hopes of getting a call overturned in their favor. The Dolphins gave Josh Rosen a chance. Sort of. He didn’t do all that much with it.The former first-rounder had a lackluster first half with the first team, or what was left of it.Rosen was 10-of-18 for 102 yards in the first half, never gaining much traction in his opportunity to audition. There were a few moments of competence, but mostly , it was hard to grade him with what was around him.The Dolphins were playing without wide receivers DeVante Parker, Albert Wilson, and Jakeem Grant, along with running back Kenyan Drake. They also had a makeshift offensive line Greg Gaines Jersey , with starting tackle Jordan Mills out as well.Rosen led them to a pair of field goals (but also a pair of three-and-outs), so it was hard to know whether he made up any ground on starter Ryan Fitzpatrick.The Bucs played starter Jameis Winston exactly one series before getting him out of there in favor of Blaine Gabbert.
NFL owners are meeti ...
Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown and General Manager Mike Mayock have come to light Andy Isabella Jersey , including language used by Brown that escalated the situation ahead of Thursday’s reports of a possible suspension.The conversation came after Brown posted a letter from Mayock informing him of fines for missing practice time on social media and has learned, via a league source, that Mayock told Brown that the team preferred to keep such matters private. Brown then began hurling insults at Mayock that included calling him a “cracker.”Previous reports also indicated that Brown threatened to punch Mayock in the face during the exchange. Josina Anderson of ESPN also reports that Brown used the word cracker and other “cuss words” during the exchange, but quotes a team source as saying that the altercation never appeared to be spilling from verbal to physical.“[Mayock] was like, ‘I’m cool, I understand your displeasure Brian Burns Jersey ,'” the source said. “[Mayock] sort of just like . . . just walked away because he saw it escalate.”Word on Thursday was that the Raiders were planning to suspend Brown, but nothing has been announced at this point and Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has said his client wants to repair the relationship with the team. A week has passed since a report that the Cowboys were not concerned about Amari Cooper‘s plantar fascia irritation on the bottom of his foot. Yet, he remained out of practice Tuesday.The Cowboys receiver also isn’t worried despite his continued absence.Cooper told Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan that he can be “very effective” with the injury.“But I don’t think I’ll have to play with it,” Cooper said.Cooper said his pain level is a three on a scale of 1-10, and the issue is “subsiding.” “I had a 1,000-yard season on a plantar fasciitis foot , so I’m not worried,” Cooper said.Cooper has missed only three games in his four seasons.During the offseason, Cooper stated a 2,000-yard goal for this season. He has never had more than 1,153 yards in a single season, but his 725 yards in nine games in Dallas last season after the trade from Oakland translates to 1 Will Grier Jersey ,288 over 16 games.He will play this season under the fifth-year option, getting a fully guaranteed $13.924 million, as the sides continue to negotiate a long-term deal.
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OWINGS MILLS Christian Miller Jersey , Md. (AP) — Ngata’s retirement as a member of the Ravens, his former coach in Baltimore stole a portion of the limelight.Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti welcomed both Ngata and Brian Billick into the team’s prestigious Ring of Honor, announcing Wednesday that Billick will be inducted in 2019 and Ngata in 2020.Ngata was drafted out of Oregon as the 12th overall pick in 2006. The first NFL coach he played for was Billick, who guided the Ravens from 1999-2007 and hoisted the Super Bowl trophy after the 2000 season.Billick compiled a 80-64 record but was fired by Bisciotti after Baltimore staggered to a 5-11 finish in 2007. It took 12 years, but Bisciotti figured the time was right to finally recognize the 65-year-old Billick for his contribution to the franchise.“I told Brian how honored we would be, and how lucky we are as an organization, to have had him here,” Bisciotti said.Ngata, 35, will also have his name emblazoned on the Ravens’ home stadium, a suitable salute to a five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle who made a name for himself on a defense that included future Hall of Fame entrants Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.As a star-struck rookie, Ngata recalled with a chuckle his first encounter with Lewis at training camp.“Ray said, ‘I called you, you didn’t answer, what’s up?’ I froze, I didn’t know what to say, you know Jordan Scarlett Jersey , when you meet your heroes,” Ngata said. “I just told him, ‘I’m so sorry, Mr. Lewis, I’ll call you next time.'”Lewis informed Ngata that he could call him Ray.Ngata and Lewis teamed with Reed and others to win the Super Bowl in 2012. After the 2014 season, Ngata and then-general manager Ozzie Newsome became embroiled in a salary dispute, a prelude to a trade that sent the 320-pound lineman to the Detroit Lions.“At first I was kind of shocked a little bit,” Ngata said. “But I understood. I was against the salary cap. I wasn’t moving and they weren’t budging.”Ngata toiled three seasons in relative anonymity in Detroit before closing out his 13-year career in Philadelphia in 2018.“The last month of the season I woke up and thought, ‘Why am I still doing this?'” he said. “Once I’m questioning why I’m playing football, I know it’s time to retire.”It was important to Ngata that his NFL career would end where he started it.Wiping away tears, Ngata told an audience of family, friends, former teammates and fans, “This is an amazing organization. I loved being a Raven. I always knew I wanted to retire as a Raven. I just couldn’t wait to come back.”Ngata was twice an All-Pro. He had 32 ½ sacks, five interceptions and seven forced fumbles over 180 games.Being in Ravens Ring of Honor is special, but there might be something even better in store for Ngata, according to Newsome.Newsome David Montgomery Jersey , who drafted Lewis and Reed, is also a member of the Hall of Fame. He believes Ngata deserves to be honored in similar fashion.“When I think about a Hall of Famer, No. 1, did he play on a winning ball club? He did,” Newsome said. “Was he part of a Super Bowl? He did. Was he a dominate player in his era at his position? He did. So, he’s checked all of those boxes.”Newsome reluctantly gave up a sixth-round draft pick in 2006 to move up one spot in the first round to get Ngata. He never regretted it.“We had been (drafting) pretty good in that sixth round, so were giving up a good player,” Newsome said. “But we were getting a great player. A rare player.”It didn’t take long for Billick to realize that Ngata was going to be a perfect fit for a team build around its defense.“You knew right from the get-go, all right, this guy is going to be special,” Billick said.Billick never got another coaching job after being fired by Bisciotti, but he became close friends with Baltimore’s current coach, John Harbaugh, and remains loyal to the club.“When Steve called it was a surprise, but it goes to the heart of what Haloti was talking about,” Billick said. “I don’t think there’s another organization that has what this one does.” JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — Attorneys for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft want a Florida judge to block prosecutors from using secretly taken video that police say shows him engaging in paid sex acts with female massage parlor employees.In court documents filed Thursday Riley Ridley Jersey , Kraft’s attorneys challenged the warrant allowing Jupiter police officers to hide video cameras in the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.Kraft attorney Jack Goldberger wrote that police “deliberately misrepresented” facts used to get a judge to approve their search warrant. The cameras were installed in January after officers used an undisclosed ruse to gain access to the spa. They then used the cameras to monitor employees and customers over several days. Jupiter was part of a multicounty investigation of massage parlor prostitution and possible human trafficking that resulted with the arrests of about 300 men and the closure of 10 spas. The spa owners have been charged with felonies.Goldberger wrote that the alleged traffic violations the Jupiter officers used to stop men as they left the spa and interview them about what happened in the spa were faked, and officers’ didn’t accurately depict what a health inspector found when they sent her in to examine the spa.He also said officers had not exhausted less-invasive means of investigating the spa, and Florida law says audio surveillance such as wiretaps should only be used for serious felonies such as murder or kidnapping and does not list prostitution.Kraft, 77, is accused of paying for sex acts at the spa twice in January. He has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution, but issued an apology last weekend, saying he had disappointed his family, friends, co-workers, fans “and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard.”Kraft said he has “extraordinary respect for women,” adding that his morals were shaped by his late wife, who died in 2011.Jupiter police and the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office did not immediately return calls for comment Thursday.Attorney David S. Weinstein, a Miami defense lawyer and former prosecutor who is not involved in the case, said such a motion is “exactly what he would expect” from Kraft’s attorneys and the others. He said it’s hard to predict the defense’s chances of prevailing without knowing the prosecution’s counterarguments and what is presented at a future hearing.But even if the defense gets the video recordings thrown out, the judge might still allow police to testify about what they saw on the video and the other evidence collected, and the case would go forwardAccording to police records, Kraft Greedy Williams Jersey , who is worth $6 billion, was chauffeured to the Orchids of Asia spa on the evening of Jan. 19, where officers secretly recorded him engaging in a sex act and then handing over an undetermined amount of cash.Investigators said Kraft returned 17 hours later and was again videotaped engaging in sex acts before paying with a $100 bill and another bill, police said.Hours later, he was in Kansas City for the AFC Championship game, where his Patriots defeated the Chiefs. His team then won the Super Bowl in Atlanta, the Patriots’ sixth NFL championship under his ownership.Prosecutors have offered to drop the charges if Kraft and the other men enter a diversion program for first-time offenders. That would include an admission they would be found guilty if their case went to trial, a $5,000 fine, 100 hours of community service and attendance in a class on the dangers of prostitution and its connection to human trafficking. They would also have to make a court appearance and be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Prosecutors say the fine and community service are required by law and are not negotiable.Kraft’s attorneys have not spoken about the offer, but other men’s attorneys have said it is harsher than typically given for first-time offenders in Palm Beach County. Fines and community service terms are usually smaller and no court appearance is required, they said.Weinstein said the attorneys might be hoping the challenge of the warrant will cause prosecutors to soften their proposed deal. If not, he said such pretrial challenges could stretch the case out for months if not a year.
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FLOWERY BRANCH , Ga. (AP)hould have the right to speak out on important issues even though he isn’t expecting his players to protest during the national anthem this season.Blank says just like last season, Falcons players have been asked to stand for the national anthem.He said the Falcons are ”very committed to the military.” He also says he believes players have ”very significant rights” and appeared to say he wouldn’t fine players for exercising those rights.Blank said players should be allowed to make their own decisions on what he described as the ”complex issue” of standing or kneeling for the national anthem.”So if you have players who still feel that’s the way they have to express themselves, they will,” he said, adding ”I don’t think you’ll see” protests.”But it’s far better in my opinion to have somebody make those decisions themselves than to hit them over the head with a hammer,” he said.Blank’s comments came as the NFL and NFLPA, the players’ union, held what they said in a joint statement was ”a constructive meeting” about the anthem policy. They said their talks will continue.Last season, two Falcons defensive linemen – Grady Jarrett and Dontari Poe, now with Carolina – knelt during the anthem before the team’s game at Detroit on Sept. 24. After the game Will Harris Jersey , coach Dan Quinn described the action as a ”one-off.”The Falcons held a team meeting and decided players would stand together during the anthem for other games.Quinn said that decision was not a written policy ”but more one that was really based on the heart of brotherhood to say, `What we do, we’ll do it together.”’No players took a knee during the anthem the remainder of the season.— Six days before the Super Bowl, the court battle has begun in a longshot lawsuit seeking a possible do-over of the NFC game that ended with a Los Angeles Rams victory over the New Orleans Saints, a game affected by what the NFL concedes was a blown “no-call” by officials.A Monday hearing in federal court did not result in an immediate ruling. It dealt largely with a jurisdictional question.The two Saints season ticket holders who filed the lawsuit want it heard in state court in New Orleans. The NFL filed to have it heard in federal court, where U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan heard initial arguments at midday. She was expected to meet with attorneys on both sides again in the evening and it was unclear when the jurisdictional issue, or the case itself, would be resolved.Officials failed to call interference or roughness penalties when a Rams player leveled a Saints receiver with a helmet-to-helmet hit at a crucial point in the in the final minutes of regulation time. The Rams won the Jan. 20 game in overtime and are set to play the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl.The lawsuit by two Saints season ticket holders, Tommy Badeaux and Candis Lambert, says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should implement a league rule �? Rule 17 �? governing “extraordinarily unfair acts.” Remedies include reversal of a game’s result or the rescheduling of a game �? in its entirety or from the point when the act occurred.NFL lawyers say the lawsuit belongs in federal court for reasons including the possible scope. They argued that the suit takes the form of a class action that could mean millions of dollars in damages for Saints ticket holders and others in what the suit calls “the Who Dat Nation ,” a reference to Saints fans and a popular team cheer.Attorney Frank D’Amico, who filed the lawsuit two days after the championship game, said that, while the lawsuit recounts damages suffered by Saints fans, it doesn’t specifically ask for monetary compensation. Instead, D’Amico said, it seeks a court order, under state law, forcing Goodell to investigate the blown call under the never before invoked Rule 17.D’Amico also insisted that he wasn’t specifically asking for a court-ordered do-over or reversal of the game, although that could be the result if the rule is invoked. “We’re not trying to keep the Super Bowl from going forward Rock Ya-Sin Jersey ,” he said.That appeared to surprise Gladstone Jones, a New Orleans attorney arguing for the NFL, who said it would be “big news” that D’Amico’s clients aren’t trying to stop or delay the big game.As to D’Amico’s call for an investigation, Jones said there is no need. League officials, he said, have clearly reviewed the calls. “They have done their due diligence.”His arguments tracked positions taken in weekend briefs filed by NFL lawyers.“The NFL parties do not dispute that they have previously advised the Saints, including the club’s head coach, that one or more penalties �? for pass interference or illegal helmet-to-helmet contact �? were mistakenly not called late in the NFC Championship Game, and that the NFL would like its officials on the field to make these calls,” an NFL filing says.But it also says Goodell , a defendant in the lawsuit along with the league itself, does not have the authority to overrule a referee on the field. Even if the rule did apply, the NFL attorneys argue, a decision on a remedy is up to the commissioner, not a ticket-holder.Morgan had to step away from a jury trial in an unrelated case to preside over Monday’s hearing. Records show she got the case after it was initially assigned to U.S. District Judge Barry Ashe �? who removed himself from the case because he has Saints season tickets.
Atlanta Falcons owne ...
LAKE FOREST , Ill. (AP) — Bears made a huge trade for two-time All-Pro Khalil Mack, left tackle Charles Leno Jr. didn’t quite believe it at first.Once it sunk in, he ran down to the basement.Leno turned on the camera, cranked up Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” and started dancing. The video he posted on social media of himself pretty much sums up the mood around the Bears.“We’re trying to win,” Leno said Monday. “We’re not settling to be last in the pack. We’re trying to win and win games here, change the culture of the organization.”The Bears drove that point home Saturday with a blockbuster trade for one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. Chicago also made him the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history with a six-year, $141 million extension that guarantees $90 million.Mack practiced for the first time Monday after holding out the entire offseason and preseason trying to get a new deal with Oakland rather than play under the final year of his rookie contract.Coach Matt Nagy said the Bears will monitor his conditioning this week before deciding whether he plays in the opener.Chicago visits Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. And that primetime matchup sure has some added intrigue.“I hope that everyone’s excited, our fan base is excited,” general manager Ryan Pace said. “I know our organization is excited.”The trade for Mack finished off a busy offseason in which Chicago changed coaches and gave quarterback Mitchell Trubisky some new playmakers, including former Jacksonville Pro Bowl receiver Allen Robinson.Adding the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year to an already solid defense ratcheted up a building buzz around a team with four straight last-place finishes in the NFC North. Whether the Bears can leap to a playoff spot D.K. Metcalf Jersey , they are at least in the conversation.“There’s certain moves that are power moves and there’s certain moves that say ‘hey, we’re all in,'” defensive end Akiem Hicks said. “And I think that’s one of those moves.”With 40½ sacks in four seasons, Mack figures to have a huge impact on a defense that ranked 10th overall last season.Hicks had visions of “a lot more one on ones” with teams doubling up on the Bears’ new star pass rusher. And cornerback Prince Amukamara was seeing more opportunities for interceptions with quarterbacks under pressure.“I would say the clock in the quarterback’s head is I’m sure going to be a lot shorter,” he said.He also praised the front office for a “great job of due diligence.”And guard Kyle Long said: “Our defense just got a lot tougher. And we get to practice against a tougher defense now, and that’s going to be great for us.”The trade also emphasizes just how serious management is about turning around a struggling franchise.The Bears have just one playoff appearance since the 2006 team reached the Super Bowl, and the most recent time they had a winning record was in 2012. Chicago fired coach Lovie Smith after that season, replaced him with Marc Trestman and went 8-8 the following year.Since then, it’s been nothing but last-place finishes in the division and frustration for the fan base. But the past few days?“It’s been very exciting,” Nagy said. “Probably the time I think about it the most is when I’m in my car , driving home. That’s really when you can just get away from everybody and everything and you can just kinda sit back and realize where you’re at. Collectively, it’s everybody. It’s an exciting situation for us as a team, as a city, as an organization.”NOTES: Nagy said there’s a “good chance” LG Eric Kush starts over James Daniels against Green Bay. … Nagy expects OLB Leonard Floyd — who practiced Monday with a club on his broken right hand — to play in the opener. Floyd broke his hand at Denver on Aug. 18. “I feel good that he’ll be playing,” Nagy said. … QB Tyler Bray and WR Tanner Gentry were among the 10 players signed to the practice squad. Both were let go by Chicago on Saturday. CHICAGO (AP) — Bears coach John Fox thought it was a touchdown. At worst, it was going to be first-and-goal.Not so much. Fox won his challenge all right, and lost the ball.A strange replay reversal cost Chicago a potential scoring opportunity, and the Bears were unable to stop Green Bay’s rushing attack in the second half of a 23-16 loss to Brett Hundley and the Packers on Sunday.Mitchell Trubisky threw for a career-high 297 yards in his fifth NFL start, including a gorgeous 46-yard touchdown pass to Josh Bellamy in the fourth quarter. It was an encouraging performance by the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft, but one that likely will be remembered for the one that got away from the rookie and the Bears.Chicago was down 10-3 when it drove to the Green Bay 22 midway through the second quarter. On third-and-13 from the 25 Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , Trubisky passed to Bennie Cunningham on a screen play, and the fifth-year running back cut outside before making a lunging try for the end zone on a cold, rainy day at Soldier Field.Cunningham was ruled out at the 2 and the Bears challenged the call.“Every indication that we had was that he scored and if anything he would be at the 1 or inside the 1 instead of I think they spotted the ball originally at the 3,” Fox said.Instead, the replay showed the ball coming out of Cunningham’s hands before it hit the pylon, and the fumble into the end zone resulted in a touchback for Green Bay. Fox screamed at line judge Bart Longson after the ruling, and the crowd booed through the ensuing offensive series for the Packers.“As he was lunging toward the goal line, he lost the ball in his right hand first, probably, I’m going to guess , 2 feet maybe short of the pylon,” referee Tony Corrente told a pool reporter. “As he got even closer, the left hand came off. We had to put together two different angles in order to see both hands losing the football. After he lost it the second time, it went right into the pylon.”Cunningham said he thought it was a TD at first, but he agreed with the call after watching the replay.“Coaches go over it every week. Unless it’s fourth down, you don’t reach the ball out at the goal line, in the red zone,” he said. “They talk about it. I go down at the 1, next play it’s first-and-goal and we hand the ball to Jordan (Howard). It’s a touchdown. So it was a bad decision.”Chicago (3-6) also was hurt by a video review in its previous game, losing a potential touchdown reception by Zach Miller during a 20-12 loss at New Orleans on Oct. 29. Miller also seriously injured his left leg on the play Ugo Amadi Jersey , ending his season.The Bears were off last weekend and the Packers (5-4) had dropped three in a row since star quarterback Aaron Rodgers got hurt against Minnesota. But Hundley directed Green Bay to its eighth win in its last nine games against Chicago, passing for 212 yards and a touchdown. The Packers also rushed for 160 yards despite losing their top two running backs to injuries.“A lot of the stuff was self-inflicted on ourselves,” cornerback Prince Amukamara said. “That’s been the theme this year. When we’ve had enough, it’ll stop. But we have to make a decision.”The 62-year-old Fox dropped to 12-29 in his three seasons with Chicago. He is 1-5 against Green Bay since taking over the Bears, but he said he isn’t worried about his job status.“I’ve been doing this too long,” he said. “I’ve never worried about my job security, and I won’t start any minute going forward.”
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