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ТЕМА: However, if the organization can defy expectations

However, if the organization can defy expectations 7 мес. назад #83935

Looking at veteran free agencyI plan to spend much of the next 6 weeks taking a look at veteran free agents for 2019 with help from the Top-50 list from NFL Trade Rumors; the plan is to review positions of need on the Redskins roster Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , one position per article, over the course of this week and next, and then to revisit the position lists as we get closer to the start of the new league year.Veteran free agent lists will be highly fluid once the Super Bowl has finished, and teams start to talk to their own players. Many of the top free agents will be re-signed by their teams during, or in the week following, the Scouting Combine, which will be held from 26 February to 4 March.I plan to revisit lists of key available free agents again ahead of the beginning of free agency when it becomes clearer which players have decided to stay with their current teams, and which ones seem committed to testing their value in the open marketplace. Consider this a ‘warm up’ as we look at the very top tier - a selection of positions from a top-50 list. This is just the opening act.Free Agent Frenzy starts 13 MarchThe league year ends at 4:00 p.m. ET, on 13 March, which is when teams are free to sign veteran free agents to new contracts. There is a two-day ‘legal tampering period’ prior to the end of the league year when players’ agents are allowed to talk to any team in the league to arrange contracts on behalf of their clients.Cap SpaceAccording to OverTheCap, the Redskins are projected to have $21.56m in cap space available this off-season. Using some ‘rule-of-thumb’ numbers, the team probably needs to allow about $2.6m for draft picks, and keep another $5m or so available to sign players as injuries occur during the season.That would leave around $14m in available 2019 cap space to spend on veteran free agents in the upcoming off-season.Remember that the first year of most NFL contracts typically has the lowest cap hit, so the Redskins would be able to sign one or more players with a cumulative APY that is greater than the available 2019 cap space due to the accrual accounting methods used in accounting for the salary cap.To put a fine point on that, because the APY numbers are average numbers for the life of the contract, while the 2019 cap hits generally represent the lowest year of those contracts, it might be possible for the Redskins to, say, sign four veteran free agents whose APYs are $7m, 5m, $4.5m and $4m (a total of $20.5m) even though they have only around $14m available for 2019.Of course, the team can clear space by cutting or trading players or ‘create’ space by re-structuring contracts in an effort to have more money available for free agency in 2019 and beyond.Potential cap casualtiesHere are the top-ten Redskins players who would have a significant effect on salary cap:Alex Smith - Restructure of contract could reduce 2019 cap hit by an estimated $9m by shifting cap dollars to the remaining 3 years of the contract. This is not a cap savings, but a mere deferral to allow more flexibility in roster construction in the short term. This idea was discussed in some detail in an article published in early December.Trent Williams - Trading Williams could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $9.34m, with and additional $12.75m reduction in 2020.Josh Norman - Trading Norman could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $8.5m, with an additional $12.5m reduction in 2020.Ryan Kerrigan - Trading Kerrigan could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $10.75m, with an additional $11.75m reduction in 2020.Jordan Reed - Cutting or Trading Jordan Reed could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $6.07m, with an additional $17.5m reduction in the remaining years of his contract (‘20 & ‘21). Alternatively, renegotiating Reed’s contract could probably create an estimated savings of $2m to $3m per season, while keeping Reed on the roster.Zach Brown - Cutting or Trading Zach Brown could reduce the 2019 cap hit by $5.75m, with an additional $8m reduction in 2020.Vernon Davis - Cutting Vernon Davis would save reduce the 2019 cap hit by $5m.Stacy McGee - Cutting or Trading Stacy McGee would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $2.275m, with an additional $10.5m reduction in the remaining years of his contract (‘20 & ‘21). With a 2019 salary & roster bonus of just $4m, 3 years remaining and no guaranteed money, it’s not crazy to think that the Redskins might be able to trade McGee for a 6th or 7th round draft pick, or swapping picks to move higher in the draft order.Chris Thompson - Cutting or Trading Chris Thompson would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $3m.Mason Foster - Cutting Mason Foster would reduce the 2019 cap hit by $2m.As you can see, the Redskins have a wide range of options available for attacking the salary cap and roster.They could simply stand pat on the existing roster and focus the draft and limited free agency;they could make selected salary cap moves, giving them sufficient room to make one or two key signings, orthey could really clear out the roster, load up on draft capital and perform a complete roster teardown & re-build over the next two off-seasons.Roster needsThe Redskins have a very large number of players under contract currently Dwayne Haskins Jersey , as they ended the year with 24 players on IR, one player on Reserve/NFI, and one on the Commissioner’s exempt list in addition to the regular roster, practice squad players and futures contracts.Still, the team will have holes in the roster, partly due to injury, partly due to expiring contracts, and partly due to the need to upgrade positions.The front office expects to have 8 draft picks April in addition to the cap space available to sign veteran free agents starting 13 March.Upcoming Redskins veteran free agentsHere is the list of 2019 Redskins veteran free agents, according to OverTheCapThe team can bolster the roster in a number of ways:Re-signing its own free agentstrading for veteran playersDrafting player in Nashville from 25-27 April (The Redskins will probably have 8 draft picks, the first being 15th overall)Signing veteran free agents, starting from 13 MarchSigning undrafted college free agents, starting the moment the draft ends on 27 AprilToday’s article will focus solely on veteran safeties, and today I plan to only look at the top-ranked 3safeties that appear on the Top-50 veteran free agents list published this week by NFL Trade Rumors.Click here to read the full Top-50 list from NFL Trade RumorsI’ve scanned the fifty names and found three 3-4 OLBs on the NFLTR list#3 Dee Ford, Kansas City, 28 years oldPhoto by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesFrankly, I’d be shocked if the Chiefs let Ford get away, and the Redskins probably can’t afford to pay him.Still, Ford would be an upgrade at OLB, and, playing for the top-seeded AFC playoff team, there’s a fair chance that he’ll be sporting a shiny new Super Bowl ring by the time the ‘19 season kicks off.With 13 sacks this season, and 28 sacks in his last 37 games, Ford is a rising talent at 3-4 OLB, and one of the strengths of an inconsistent Kansas City defense.Probably his biggest downside is his age; he is a 28-year old free agent, just completing his 5th season, after being drafted 23rd overall in 2014.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $16.3m per year.#4 Jadeveon Clowney, Houston, 26 years oldPhoto by Mitchell Leff/Getty ImagesWith Clowney coming off of his 5th year option, one would expect the Texans, who drafted Clowney 1st overall in 2014, to retain him on the roster. I like Dee Ford better, but Clowney has been, outside of his rookie season, pretty healthy, and has produced fairly consistently, if not necessarily at the premier level expected of a player with his draft status.Like Ford, Clowney would be an expensive addition for the Redskins, but I’m not sure how much of a true upgrade he would offer for the investment.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $16.6m per year#17 Preston Smith Wes Martin Jersey , Washington Redskins, 26 years oldPhoto by Richard Rodriguez/Getty ImagesSmith, of course, is one of our own, drafted in the second round of the 2015 draft.He’s been a good, if often inconsistent, player for the Redskins.There were reports of him being ‘lazy’ and not acting like a pro in his rookie season, and fans often complain of him disappearing for a half or a full game.He has stayed healthy, but averages only around 6 sacks per season.Still, he and Ryan Kerrigan have made a good pair of OLBs for the Redskins, though the two of them will not dazzle anyone with speed.Spotrac puts his projected contract value at $11.1m, which is probably just about the maximum most Redskins fans would want to see the team go to.It may be better to let Smith walk and draft a new, hopefully more consistently explosive replacement in April, though with the number of team needs, it is tempting to want to retain a player like Smith rather than using draft resources to replace him. Who, on the roster, is most critical to the team’s success this year and next?" />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHogs Haven homepageHorizontal - WhiteHogs Havena Washington Redskins communityFollow Hogs Haven online:Follow Hogs Haven on TwitterFollow Hogs Haven on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchHogs Haven main menuFanpostsFanshotsSectionsRedskinsMastheadOddsShopCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsEDTThe reason that I point to Dunbar instead of Josh Norman here is that I fully expect JoNo to be a salary cap casualty in 2020, pushing Dunbar up into the leadership of the CB group.The Redskins have been drafting CBs consistently, one or two per year, since 2016.That should pay off next year when the team can say goodbye to the big cap hit of former free agent Norman and rely on a home-grown group led by the former undrafted free agent wide receiver-turned-cornerback, Quinton Dunbar.Dunbar’s health and success will be a key to the Redskins’ ability to win games in the coming two seasons.#6 Ryan KerriganLeadership and production have marked Kerrigan’s career.This season, 2019, is likely to be a key transition year for the roster as the wide receiver group takes shape and the quarterback position is stabilized.A very young team (with a few notable exceptions like Adrian Peterson and Donald Penn) needs the kind of guidance that Kerrigan can offer, and the roster will likely be at its peak in 2020, with a number of long-term roster stalwarts likely reaching the end of their Redskins careers as the young players that the front office has done such a good job drafting since 2017 come into their own.Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY SportsKerrigan is the iron man of the defense, having never missed a game in his career.He is the model of consistency, averaging 10.5 sacks per year with at least 8.5 sacks per season every season since 2012.Kerrigan is 30 years old, but pass rushers tend to do well at this age.He seems likely to continue his on-field productivity in ‘19 and ‘20, and will hopefully finish his outstanding career as a Redskin. #5 Derrius GuiceThe 2nd round draft pick used to select Derrius Guice in 2018 was expected to pay handsome dividends a year ago, but when the running back was injured in the first preseason game and lost for the season, things went on hold.Guice will have plenty of help in the backfield in 2019 in the form of Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson, and potentially a fourth running back.Mason Foster then the Redskins should want him back in 2020, meaning that he will be integral to the team’s success for two seasons.If they don’t want him back, it will be because of his failure to launch in 2019, which will likely signal a failure in the defensive strategy.Bostic has the reputation of being a solid but unspectacular player, but the Redskins have pushed all their chips to the middle of the table with him and are looking for him to come up with a career year.If he can do it, the payoff for Bostic Womens Bryce Love Jersey , and for the franchise, should be significant.#3 Jordan ReedI get that a lot of Redskins fans have already given up on Jordan Reed.He’s injury prone.He’s a waste of salary cap space.He’s a black hole on the roster due to the number of games lost every season.But, when I evaluate Jordan Reed’s importance to the Redskins, I ask: What if he’s healthy for 16 games?What would that mean for the team?Jordan Reed is a mismatch for pretty much every defense in the NFL.He has reliable hands and gets YAC.His presence on the field creates opportunities for the rest of the offense, and he has proven himself reliable when it counts the most — on third down, when the team needs to keep a drive alive.Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesIf Jordan Reed is healthy and productive in ‘19 and ‘20, you can probably add 3 or 4 games to the win total.If he is not healthy, then the offense is likely not to reach its potential.Jay Gruden knows how to use Reed and loves to design offensive schemes around his abilities.He is, in my opinion, the single most important on-field difference maker for the Redskins when it comes to sustaining drives, scoring points and winning football games.#2 Dwayne HaskinsHaskins is the future of the Redskins.If he isn’t, then something is horribly wrong.He should, under any scenario imaginable, be the starting quarterback on opening day of the 2020 season.experience and enhance his development.If Dwayne Haskins turns out to be what everyone hopes, then he will be the key to success, not just in 2020, but for a decade or more beyond that.Make no mistake, the Redskins sorely need a ‘win’ on a drafted quarterback.The fact that his rookie salary will help see the team past the difficult salary cap bind that resulted from the Alex Smith injury is merely icing on the cake.Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsThis is a franchise that has a history of mediocrity at the QB position, and a history of misses in drafting quarterbacks that dates back far beyond the beginning of Dan Snyder’s tenure.The last big swing & miss (probably the biggest in franchise history) was Robert Griffin in 2012, and the organization and its fan base are still scarred by that debacle.If Dwayne Haskins can succeed in becoming the franchise quarterback that the Redskins have been searching for, the bad memories can be eased and the bad taste in our collective mouths can be cleansed.If not, though, Haskins will just be another name on a long list of disappointing results.#1 Trent WilliamsThere is no bigger issue for the franchise than the eventual outcome of Trent Williams’ holdout.With Trent on the team, the opportunities to win are greatly enhanced.He is probably the most athletic lineman in the league, and among the elite at his position.If he is not on the roster this year or next, the team loses talent and leadership.The salary cap implications, of course, are huge, as Trent’s cap hit over two years is the third-highest on the roster.Jake Roth-USA TODAY SportsEven so, what really makes Trent Williams the most important Redskin right now goes beyond his on-field performance.Trent is the latest litmus test for the maturation of the franchise.The Washington Redskins have developed a reputation for coming up small in every challenging situation.If the TW holdout ends in tears with an ugly separation and public smear campaign similar to what what we saw with Scot McCloughan, or just a general breakdown of communication and trust like we saw with Kirk Cousins, then it will be one more black mark in the ledger for Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen.heal the rift with their star tackle, bring him back into the fold and see him to the end of his career (or at least his current contract) playing in burgundy and gold, then it would go a long way towards establishing badly-needed credibility both internally and externally.A “fail” with Trent Williams will be another lightning strike against a deeply wounded franchise, while finding a path to restoring the relationship would give a sense of progress at an organizational level and reason to hope.

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